Trust is the greatest, it’s the single most important ingredient in any type of relationship personal or professional.

There’s no real love without trust as love can’t exist where there’s no trust or better no love would be complete without trust, love is blind but trust is not; love is an emotion that makes you irrational, trust, on the other hand, is rational, that’s why you can’t just trust without first thinking critically and this is why we need trust in every personal/business relationship.

If we take a close look at any society defunct today, it’s a lack of trust that fuels the rift that divides her, from “Ogoni. people vs The Government” to “BLM (Black lives matter) MOVEMENT vs The Authorities” to the current “#ENDSARS That has since metamorphosed into a demand for better Governance”.

It is clear that the people observed their interests were no longer being represented, so could no longer trust their representatives and we got a “defunct society” be it in personal or professional relations if the trust is missing there’s no relationship. We have to know that once trust is broken it's very hard to “put back together” without doubts; regaining trust is very possible but it is better to never let it break.

Trust is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as  

Assured  reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”

For a person/business to be trusted, they have to first exhibit a character that assures the other party they are trustworthy, only fake and unreal persons break trust as everybody no matter who or what they are understand the value of trust even criminals operate in trust co-operations no matter how big or small is bound by the trust I believe it is obvious trust is needed in every walk of life.

When you have a person/business that trusts in your ability to deliver you suddenly become the best man for the job, it motivates you to give your all; trust doesn’t allow you to reserve anything, how do you build a relationship on trust or even start one? It has to begin with a question, “am I trustworthy! ” when you trust yourself enough you’ll resonate it; making it easy for others to trust you, trust cannot be broken by mistake as trust is truth and truth always prevails, so when you make a mistake in trust it’s clear it wasn’t intentional almost all of the time... and a few times it isn’t clear it is just a matter of time before your true intentions show.

Trust should be the last thing you break no matter who or what you are. As you know by now once trust is broken the doubts don’t go away, the doubts are one thing you should avoid in every relationship as having people who trust in your ability is essential for growth; no person/business can survive alone! You need the trust which is based on reputation in the market.

The world today isn’t lacking trustworthy People/Businesses but media houses have helped push a contrary view. I assure you thousands of little good deeds go unmentioned but a little fraud case and every news house has it on the front page, remember trust is logical you won’t trust till you are sure of the credibility of the other party, the world needs more trust.

Just go out there watching for people/businesses you can trust and remain trustworthy.