My cousin worked hard on the Wisconsin Badgers and made it into the NFL. He’s on the Eagles, #57 Linebacker.

He’s one of the last born Herb and Catherine Lambrechts’ grandchildren. The son of my Dad’s sister Cathy and her husband Vince Edwards.

T.J. is great, a smart athlete and I knew he would succeed seeing his attitude when we were younger.

Some memories I have were playing football on the beaches in Manistee, Michigan. TJ still makes trips there with his family. Manistee was a favorite destination for my grandpa Herb and grandma Catherine.

He started his Football career as a Quarterback in High school and was very successful, picking Wisconsin as the team he would join in College.

He’s got the support of all his cousins and aunts and uncles, getting fame from the rest of the world as he grows into his NFL role.

GO T.J.!