In the aftermath of more than three weeks of conflict in Gaza, the international community is confronted with a dire situation where civilian populations are being targeted. While the narrative often characterizes this crisis as a conflict between Israel and Hamas, the ongoing reality seems to paint a different picture. This is not a conventional war between two military forces; instead, it appears to be a one-sided onslaught against civilians, including children and women, in the Gaza Strip. The scale of destruction and the loss of life are reminiscent of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Israel's actions in the region have garnered support from American and Western nations. Israel is provided with the necessary resources and military means to pursue its objectives, citing self-defense as the justification. This raises a crucial question: self-defense against whom? defenseless infants, defenseless women, or the elderly?

It is disheartening to witness how the world has seemingly turned a blind eye to the tragic images of children and innocent civilians who have lost their lives. Were these individuals armed combatants, or were they merely collateral damage in this conflict?

The media's portrayal of these casualties as mere statistics raises questions about the values of humanity and the principles of Western democracy that have been touted for so long. Does the act of killing innocent civilians serve the world's goal of "preserving civilization"?

It is imperative for the world to acknowledge the gravity of the situation and take immediate action. Peace will remain elusive as long as the international community continues to support and defend these actions by Israeli terrorism.

Each life lost in the Gaza Strip is more than just a number. Each of them had a home, a story, a family, ambitions, dreams, memories, and hearts that now lie broken.