The Super Company will be started this year.

This is a warning to the violent criminals (economic criminals included) on Earth. I know America the best as I live here, I will work peacefully with all good men and women in every 'Jurisdiction' on earth.

We will become united as Earthlings towards the same goal of family, prosperity, and respect.

First Objectives

  • Competing with all Governments... Allowing choice for people whether to be forcefully taxed or voluntary represented and protected on YOUR TERMS with a team of ethical Private Police with mind control; better technology, faster response times, and more powerful weaponry than all Government's on Earth.
  • Most of the Police will be recruited from the Ron Paul for President Campaign donation database in 2007-2012.
  • I will work with the duly elected President Trump in America publicly in a non violent respectful fashion during this transition.
  • Forced sale of all government property back to Tax Payers on or whoever Tax Payer's choose to use as the platform for the sale in their jurisdiction. From my research, Zillow is the best Earth Company.
  • Annexing of the Oceans, Seas, and Parks back to investors on Earth with Deed Restrictions.

Deed restrictions limit how a piece of real estate can be used, and what can be built on it. The Super Company will manage this annexation with the tax payers and take into account all environment concerns.
For example, the Gulf of Mexico oil field deed restriction's would have strict regulations so BP Oil and Gas doesn't destroy a major sea food source and countless marine creatures.

  • Corporations who knowingly benefited from the inflation system will not be able to participate in owning any shares of the Ocean, Seas, or Parks. This will go to the people.
  • Corporations who have benefited from inflationary money system will be forced to pay a proportional tax. They have been able to spend money first before it loses value. This tax will be paid proportionally to all tax payer's in each jurisdiction on the blockchain. The Corporate inflation tax payments will also go to those who have been wrongly jailed for non-violent crimes.
  • Federal Reserve Branch Owner's and all Central Bank Branch owner's will be jailed for life for treason, possibly guillotined for the crime's they have committed by debasing the currency for over 100 years.
  • All Epstein style agents of the deep state will be arrested, transported, exposed, ¬†and guillotined in Chicagoland in public while tarred and feather'd.
  • All Government representatives knowingly working with the deep state or central banks will be Guillotine'd in Benjamin Franklin's favorite town: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Ron Paul's District: Galveston, Texas. We have all their mind records.
  • All corrupt judges will be jailed for life or proportional to the lives they have ruined. For example, Ross Ulbrict's Judge pictured below. I will do more due diligence and look into her specific case with Ross to determine what Earth would feel would be fit. The evidence will be based on the recordings of every Judge's mind since 2010.

Second Objective

  • Bond every healthy Married Male and Female couple with the male female marriage frequency.

Third Objective

  • Remain Calm, Productive, and Carry On

Let this serve as a warning to all violent government actors and banks on Earth, as well as unpunished violent citizens. Cease and desist now.

Non violent human's and honest men will be protected, and those that have made simple mistakes will be treated with no discrimination and forgiveness. We will have utopia.

Personal Objective

Focus on my future family plans and get the weed and cigarettes out of my life, I have a dream girl in mind. Get a defined abdomen for beach paparazzi... oh yea... Also, executing my contract with my current employer.

This is just the tip of the "iceberg", a phrase which came after the sinking of the Titanic.

John Lambrechts
Owner and CEO
Super Company/Space Force