The population is an asset to a country. There can be no state without population. If we analyze the concept of state, we will notice four elements of it: the people, the specific geographical territory, the government, and sovereignty. Each state consists of these four elements. The primary element of the state is its people. There is no such prerequisite on the number of people to form a state. Politically the number of people of a state can be some crores. Even it can be a few thousand, but this number must be according to the situation of that country.

The population of a country needs to be specified. If it increases too much, it is called an overpopulated country. There are multiple reasons behind this fast growth of the population. The primary cause is illiteracy and arrogance. Early marriage and arrogance are responsible for high population growth.

Humans have five basic needs. These are food, clothing, shelter, education, and medicine. Due to overpopulation, a man is deprived of his basic demands. Basic problems include:

  • Food problem: Food is one of the essential demands of a person. It is necessary for our survival. Being overcrowded, there is always a shortage of food. Although the government tries to provide food for all, there are still a large number of people who do not get food. Most of them are so poor. That’s why they cannot buy the food sometimes.
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  • Shelter problem: All animal needs a place to live. Humans also require it to live and sleep at night. But many people have not a place to live because their country is overpopulated. Due to lack of shelter, many people sleep under the open sky, under the large tree, beside the road, at a railway station, and so on.
Homeless man. Image credit: Pexels
  • Clothing Problem: There are many poor people in overcrowded countries. They cannot buy cloth at the proper time. So, they wear the same clothes for a long time. As they get older, they also look incongruous.
  • Treatment problem: It is normal to get infected with any disease. However, being a populous country, they do not always get proper treatment. For which they gradually became more and more ill.
  • Education problem: Education is the backbone of a nation. The more educated a nation is, the more developed it is. But in a country with a large population, a large number of people remain uneducated. And they are not interested in educating their children either. From a very young age, they put their children on the path of earning. For which the rate of the educated population does not increase.

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The population problem is a great malady for third world countries. They cannot develop themselves for this problem. The social problem, financial problem is a major problem for those countries.

  • Social Problem: In every country, there are more or less social problems. But in countries with extra populations, many social issues are seen every day. Murder, theft, robbery, snatching all these happen every day. Who doesn’t get any place to live they create slum. All kinds of misdeeds happen in slums. And it happens by those who live in it. Not only that! Buying and selling drugs is entirely against the law. Yet these slum dwellers are secretly selling drugs and thus ruining the youth.
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  • Financial problem No country wants to be underdeveloped. But more population stood in the way. Whether a country is backward or developed depends on the per capita income of the people of that country.

    Per capita income=  Gross National Income
                                             Total population

    Per capita income is gotten by dividing the total national income by the total population. Here the per capita income will depend on the number of people. If this number is less, then the per capita income will be more, and if this number is more, then the per capita income will be less. And in a populous country, this number is higher, and so their per capita income is lower, and they are an example of an underdeveloped country.
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Overpopulation cannot be solved if the measure to eradicate illiteracy is not taken. Furthermore, programs should be considered to create awareness among the mass people about the adverse impacts of overpopulation.

Overpopulation in a country is not a curse at all. If this population can be converted into skilled manpower, then this large population will be a blessing for that country. And if it is not, then it can be called a curse.