On a hot summer day while you sit in your house lying on the sofa, watching your favorite show and eating some snacks. and without any warning, you feel the urge to scratch your arm. Why What happened? you was fine a moment ago.

And while you're scratching your arm like crazy, you start hearing that loud noise that kept you awake last night.It's the mosquito buzzing around you. [9]


In moments like these, you carry an insecticide and seem to chase it in place here and there, But nothing works every time the pesticide’s effect disappears and you hear that sound noise again. Whatever you try to kill them, others will come more and more of them

Let me tell you some information about the most deadly creatures in humans, We are talking about an insect that transmits deadly diseases such as malaria[1] One of the most deadly diseases in humans is a type of mosquito called Anopheles, Or Yellow fever and Chikungunya[2] diseases.

one of Symptoms of Chikungunya disease: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chikungunya

These are just simple examples and never-ending examples. This little insect killed more people than any other creature. in fact, Mosquitoes kills more humans than human murderers did in all history.

"No other species, inducing our own, is responsible for the loss of as many human lives each year as mosquitoes are, Gates continues. Humans murder around 475,000 other people each year. Snakes kill around 50,000, while dogs (mainly from rabies transmission) claim another 25,000 lives. Some of the most feared animals (sharks, wolves) kill fewer than 10." [3]

All these terrifying statistics above are incomparable All these terrifying statistics at the top cannot be compared with statistics that say that the number of mosquito victims annually exceeds 600,000 people each year.

You can watch more about Mosquitoes from Gates here

even Edward Osborne Wilson in hes book The Creation that defended the environmental diversity made an exception for this little insect, He suggested that we save the DNA for each type of this insect and get rid of the rest

"The mosquito is an automaton. It can afford to be nothing else." [4]

You are probably wondering. With our capabilities as human beings, can we get rid of this insect and make it fall off once and for all?

short Answer; Yes
long Answer; It is not necessary to get rid of them all

"For starters, mass mosquito extinction would eliminate about 3,500 species, which is the number of distinct mosquito species currently identified on Earth. Of these thousands of mosquito species, about 200 attack humans, and three species -- Anopheles, Culex and Aedes -- pose a particular risk to humans by transmitting diseases like malaria and yellow fever [source: National Geographic]." [5]

According to the Nature newspaper, mosquitoes have lived on this planet for more than 100 million years. This creature underwent several changes that made it possible to cope with natural disasters and climate changes. But it remains steadfast as a unique species

"Mosquitoes have been on Earth for more than 100 million years," says Murphy [6]

So you've made your decision to fight this creature. You need a weapon, and what is the most powerful weapon to kill the Mosquitoes? its the DDT.
According to an example published By Marla Cone, in scientificamerican "Should DDT Be Used to Combat Malaria?"

"We cannot allow people to die from malaria, but we also cannot continue using DDT if we know about the health risks, [...] The scientists reported that DDT may have a variety of human health effects, including reduced fertility, genital birth defects, breast cancer, diabetes and damage to developing brains. Its metabolite, DDE, can block male hormones" [7]

To explain to you very briefly, DDT is also toxic to humans, Not to mention that mosquitoes can develop immunity to the dressing. We are talking about insects nests for 47 million years and their ancestors for 100 million years

"Resistance was noted early in spray campaigns. Paul Russell, former head of the Allied Anti-Malaria campaign, observed in 1956 that "resistance has appeared after six or seven years". Resistance has been detected in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Turkey and Central America and it has largely been replaced by organophosphate or carbamate insecticides, e.g. malathion or bendiocarb" [8]

In conclusion, we can say that mosquitoes are an organism found on this planet for a long time, its genetic characteristics can adapt to the surrounding environment, and this organism is considered one of the most deadly organisms in humans, but this does not negate the presence of harmless species and some of them may even be beneficial and maintain the ecosystem.

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