Managing stress

Controlling stress can be a difficult task and you may think that you can't do anything about stress but this is not true.Problems never stop showing up, bills will never be more hours a day and responsibilities both family and work.

But we have to be sure that, we can have much more control than we imagine.
The treatment of stress passes through the reins of each personal lifestyle, emotions and thoughts of dealing with problems that arise with difficulty. No matter how stressful these problems are, there are different ways to relieve pressure and stress easily by regaining control.

But is it really important to handle stress?

If you live with high levels of stress you are putting yourself and all your well-being at serious risk as stress can wreak havoc on your emotional balances as well as physical health. Stress is also responsible for reducing the ability to think clearly, the efficiency in doing things and above all the enjoyment of things like happiness.
Effective stress management, on the other hand, can effectively help break the stress of resistance that can be had in life, so that happiness can be achieved, we can be healthier, more productive and healthier as ultimate goals.

The point is to have a balanced life free of stress or anxiety.There is no single way to treat stress in general, it is always important to experience different things and find out what works best in every situation. Mainly we must know how to identify the sources of stress in our lives, which affects us, that afflicts us, fills us with hatred, sadness and in many cases causes us to lose consciousness of the things we do, say or think without thinking about next consequences. The main treatment of stress begins with identifying the sources of personal stress in life, it's not really as simple as it seems.

As long as it is easy to identify the main factors or sources of stress such as work, a divorce, the death of a family member, reaching the end of the month without money, among other reasons.

It can be much harder to locate and find chronic stress.
We can identify our sources of stress and examine the things we do on a daily basis such as:

  • Do you consider that temporary stress affects you personally with complicated issues and difficult decisions?
  • Would you define stress as an integral everyday part of your work, home life or as a main part of your inner personality?
  • Do you blame your stress and ensure that this is because of people or outside situations, or do you consider it to be something totally normal and acceptable by yourself?
    If we want to identify the sources to accept the own responsibilities that define our being, it is quite appropriate to start stress diaries or even small notebooks in which we relate everything that stresses us in order to alleviate much of what we think erroneously.
    This in itself can help identify many of the regular stressors in life and how to deal with all of these problems.
    We can write in a small personal journal or blog where we can collect:
  • What causes personal stress and how you feel about it
  • How you consider and feel with yourself, physically and emotionally.
  • What makes you feel better about yourself and others?
  • What do you think is your worst weakness and how do you act in a very pressured circumstance?

While stress plays an important role in our lives, this is an automatic response of our nervous system, many stress factors are presented at times that are predictable as:

  • go to work
  • show up for a meeting
  • a test or test
  • family reunions
  • job interviews
  • Unnecessary stress should be eliminated.
    It's not healthy to avoid situations that are stressful and that need to be met or addressed, but you may be surprised by the number of stressful situations that influence your life and that you can disappear for your personal well-being.
  • We have to learn to say "no" and know our personal limits.
  • We have to know how to distinguish between what is essential and what is not.
  • Avoid in many cases people who are stressful and toxic. If someone causes a lot of stress in your life, you should limit the time you spend with this person or just end the relationship.
  • Know how to take personal control and control to your environment or around you, if many news you watch during the day causes you anxiety or stress, you must turn off the TV or switch channels to watch another program. If traffic makes you tense, you have to take a longer route. If you don't like tasks, focus on your future and what will happen if you don't do your personal homework and don't work hard for them.
  • Analyze our schedules, daily personal tasks and responsibilities. If you are very busy, you should abandon activities that stress you out and are not really necessary for your schedule or well-being.
    We know that if the stress is altered and the situations that are factors or sources that provoke it we will not have much progress in improving as better people and having a better relaxed life and with a lot of peace.
    If any situation with a lot of stress is impossible to be changed, you can try to alter this situation as this technique usually causes your way of communicating and functioning in your daily life to change over time.

You can try to be willing to compromise that requires complete importance and support from you in this, if we are not willing to do the things that need to be done our stress will be worse.

Preparing a balanced calendar or agendo is a fairly important job to achieve a rather expendable organization throughout those stressful days or those days when we have to do a lot of things but we can't remember what goes before the other.
In most cases when we can't change any of the factors that may be causing stress, we need to change our lifestyles, our personalities. We can adapt to situations that cause a lot of stress and be able to be in control to regain the personal sense of "control" by changing attitude and expectations at a general level; learn to look at the good perspectives of things or stressful situations and how it may be affecting us at a certain point.

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