To lead a healthy lifestyle it is important to get good nutrition. Good nutrition means all nutrients, vitamins and minerals that need your body for best performance. If you can input good nutrition in your body you will safe from many diseases. Like heart attack, diabetes, stroke, reduce high blood pressure etc. If you felling tried, dental problems, slow immune response etc then you must need good nutrition. Here is your easy tips to get nutrition.

  1. Don't drink sugar calories.
  2. Eat nuts
  3. Eat fatty fish
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Avoid junk food, drugs. Eat vegetables and fruits.

There is a common thing we all know that the human body needs the energy to survive. And this energy provides food nutrition. There is some common nutrition like vitamins, protein, fats, minerals, carbs etc. All the nutrition's we can find on our regular food.

Those nutrients are needed every single part of the human body. Now we discuss, how food nutrition can aid in DNA and Neurogenesis?

At first, we need to know about DNA and Neurogenesis.


If you search in google about DNA you will find a lot of topics, questions, answers. Simply the basic concept is DNA is a kind of genetic code. And this DNA determines all the characteristics of your body. Basically you can find DNA in the nucleus of all living organisms.

The best studies are being done by Drew Lab out of the University of Texas.

We can improve our DNA with food nutrition. The human body depended on a lot of nutrition. So there is also the impact of nutrition on DNA. The nutrients of our food and DNA interact with each other and this process can change everything.

For example, some nutrition and food sources to beat bad DNA.

Food Vitamin B12
Meat, milk, liverCholine
Liver, SoyBetaine
Wheat, beets, SpinachVitamin B6
Meat, Vegetables, Nuts

All the nutrients are very essential for DNA. If you maintain your food habit you will get essential food nutrition for DNA.

Neurogenesis is the name of the process.  New neurons are created in the brain through the neuro-genesis process.  Neurogenesis is important when the fetus develops, but continues in certain brain regions after birth and throughout our lives.

Some of statics show that brain developing stop at most age 25 years based on research. Some international neuroscientists team claimed brain developing process stops at age 13. There are also studies that your hippo campus generates even into old age by University of Texas.

Hippocampus (Drew Lab, University of Texas)

Adult hippocampal neurogenesis is conserved across mammals from mice to humans. Changes in the rate of adult neurogenesis correlate with clinically important outcomes.

For instance, stress and fear suppresses hippocampal neurogenesis, while exercise, environmental enrichment, and virtually all antidepressant treatments stimulate adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

But your regular food habit can improve your neurogenesis process and make a healthy brain. Some essential food and nutrition to improve Neurogenesis.

Food                     Nutrient
Oranges                 vitamin C, antioxidants
Nuts                       Antioxidants, vitamin E, healthy fats
Broccoli                 vitamin K
Pumpkin Seeds      Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Iron
Eggs                       vitamins B6 and B12

Those foods are good for your brain cells. Antioxidants are fight against the free radicals that can harm brain cells. All the nutrient is very useful and improve your brain cells.

Here just few food and nutrition's that can help to improve your DNA and Neurogenesis process. But a lot of foods nutrition's available to us that very essential for our human body. It's just to show how much food nutrition really means to us.

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