I have been interested in Bitcoin since 2011 and I have decided to learn about other blockchain applications. The coolest theme I discovered is completely decentralized banking.

Compound.finance and Argent both provide supply APY and borrowing abilities. Some of the cool apps

  • Start Earning 6% In Just 3 Taps using Argent and Compound
  • Watch Your 6% Interest Increase by the Second With Maker’s Oasis
  • Participate in a Weekly No Cost Lottery with PoolTogether
  • Directly Donate Your 6% Interest to Plant Trees with rTrees
  • Use DeFiZap to Earn Interest on Dai Without Losing Ether Exposure

Currently DAI is trading at 8.07% APY interest. DAI is a stablecoin paired with the US Dollar.

You can borrow based on how many Crypto assets you have set up as collateral.