The end of the prosperous monarchy. Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Said thought about the issue of strengthening Iraq and protecting it from all dangers. He decided, with British help, to form an alliance and an agreement called "The Baghdad Pact" that includes Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Britain and Pakistan .. and the alliance remains open to anyone who wants to join. America decided to join the alliance.

Following her, King Faisal II made visits to America that resulted in educational agreements (increasing the number of Iraqi students to American universities and increasing the share of American companies in building vital strategic projects, the first of which is a city project, medicine by a company. The Iraqi Air Force from America) and the American President gifted the King the (Atomic Library) as well as a nuclear reactor..for peaceful purposes, it is installed inside the University of Baghdad complex in Al-Jadriyah (neighborhood in Baghdad, Iraq ) for research, energy, agriculture, atomic medicine and radiotherapy ...)

Likewise, the American share of Al-Barhi and Al-Khadrawi dates from Basra City  dates was agreed upon. (Iraq was producing approximately 80% of the global dates ... and Britain was until the 1940s stipulating that Al-Barhi dates from Al-Basra for Britain To America, Germany, India, Australia and Japan.The oil was not equally important as the importance of dates, wheat, rice and cotton in Iraq at that time)

Suddenly, the Iraqis woke up to the sound of bullets. Fills Baghdad to announce. Abdul Karim Qassem had killed of the royal family. And its first achievements were the abolition of the Baghdad alliance and the expulsion of foreign companies operating in Iraq .On the pretext that it is a vestige of colonialism and backward imperialism and must fight colonialism and liberate all countries from colonialism, the first of which is Kuwait.

Newspaper After The Coup, Translate : Revolution in Iraq , The fall of the monarchy and the declaration of the Arab Republic of Iraq.

The Traitor ( Abdul Karim Qassem ).

Where did the nuclear reactor and Atomic Library go?

The atomic library was installed in the nuclear energy headquarters in the outskirts of Baghdad (Next To Baghdad Province ). As for the reactor, unfortunately, it reached the Iraqi ports and before. The unloading of the containers from the ship occurred the coup of Abdul Karim Qassem. The American government contacted the ship saying, to them: - (Turn the reactor and put it on the hand of the Iranian government to the Shah of Iran).

The Shah Of Iran, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

Indeed, the American convoys turned and landed the reactor on the Iranian (Shores) ports (It IS The Same Reactor  That Iranians working on. At The Present Time  "In the Iranian city of Bandar Bushehr Province".

Where did the contracted American planes go after the coup?

Unfortunately, the second meal of the planes from America was canceled ... after Abdul Karim Qasim ended all agreements with America .. And failed slogans began to appear in Iraq, for example ( America falls and colonialism falls and imperialism falls).

And as for the rest of the American planes, Abdul Karim Qasim donated in the form of gifts to many Of the countries that share chants and slogans against America, and that arsenal that cost Iraq millions of dollars went away "scattered and millions of dollars were lost because of those slogans".