Have you ever asked yourself what are the other uses of silver rather than making the ring that's in your finger? Of course not, who does that? If you do get some help…

Anyway, Silver is one of the most used metals in human kind, and no we don't like it just because it's shiny... It's because the fact that it's a precious metal, rare valuable and noble ..not only that it's also anti-microbial, non toxic, characterized by it's high luster, reflectivity and also it's malleability and photo-sensitivity... It's sad how a metal is more useful then you right?.

So, let's mention some of its uses and no, we won't talk about coins and jewelry, we'll talk about bigger and Greater uses…

1. Electronics

If you paid attention to your physics middle school classes you'll know that the white metal has the feature of electrical conductivity, which leads to making switches (Don't ask me how google that up ain't our topic) and we use switches everywhere from your depressing room to the automobile you don't have!.

2.Solar energy

As we have enough smart people to know that we need more friendly environment ways to get energy before our earth blow up .The solar energy takes a place where we usesilver to make photovoltaic cells that makes the panels...


I know you are wonder, what in the name of metals is nanosilver, well basically it's an extremely small silver particles (1-100 nanometer). We use that in radio frequency identification (tags) as they are better then bar codes for tracking inventory, because they store more information ( even more then you can do for your exam), and can be read from a greater distance.

4.Consumer electronics

You see that plasma television in front of you? (No?, You don't have one?, Poor pathetic..) silver isn't used only making the on-off switch but even for electrodes for higher quality images. Not only that even the light emitting diodes (LED) are made with association of silver.

And remember them CD's and DVD's you were keeping in your drawer? (I don't even want to know what you saved on them...) Have a thin silver recording layer.


Batteries with silver on them are better than other batteries as they are perform better on the capacity side, button batteries also power cameras, watches, aerospace. And if we mix silver with zinc we can make batteries for laptops and electronic cars..

6.Nuclear energy

I'm no valery legasov but you know what can we use silver for? Control rods to capture neutrons and slow the rate of fission in nuclear reactors..


Using silver we can produce two important Chemicals:
Ethylene oxide: used for making molded plastics and flexible plastic such as polyester..

Formaldehyde: Solid plastic and resins as a protective coating

Even the medical field counts on silver for various purposes like curing burns victims and healing open wounds using silver Bandages.

Also silver nitrate as a cure for eye infections in new borns as it heals wonds faster then usual.


In the end us humans can use something found deep in the ground to make a nano pieces that orbit around the earth, we are truly capable to achieve miracles with just something called Brain.

Thank you for reading this far!