Iraq Under British Control.

The 1920 revolution is considered one of the prominent events in the twentieth century in Iraq, the revolution that unites all Iraqis from south to north to fight the English occupiers after the launch of its spark in the south against the background of the arrest of the sheikh of the oppressors, Shaalan Abu Al Jun ( A political leader and a leader of the 20th Revolution ). It has many reasons and important results, among which was the review of the British By the direct rule of Iraq by them to the formation of a modern state to be led by a king chosen by the Iraqis, and also from the results of the twentieth revolution aborting the project to arm Iraq, which is the subject of our basic research ..

Iraqi revolt of 1920

Colonel Arnold Wilson, the Civil Governor of Iraq (1918-1920), stated to one of his friends in Parliament that it was necessary to annex Mesopotamia - Iraq - to India and make it a colony for India and the Indians so that India would manage and cultivate its vast plains and gradually and settle the Punjab or the warring races therein and start This project is from Basra, southern Iraq, where it will be the target of a large Indian migration, which reaches not long ago, several million Indians and Indians, starting from Basra and then extending from it to the north. Until it includes a large part of the Mesopotamia Valley and the transformation of the Arabian Gulf into the Indian Ocean and according to this project if it was Iraq Belongs To India Pearl brilliant Of British crown ..

British Troops In Baghdad, Capital Of IRAQ

The British intelligence services ’reports in Iraq were indicating that Iraq was heading towards serious events that turned Wilson’s scales upside down. And the formation of a basic law in which you consult the people of Iraq on the condition that Sir Percy Cox be assigned to carry out this task to succeed Wesselon after the end of his mission and arrange a temporary organization from the Shura Council under the Arab presidency and an Iraqi conference that includes all the people of Iraq ..

British And Indian ( Sikh ) Troops In IRAQ.BAGHDAD.
Transfer of Sikh troops from Kingarban to Kirkuk (Iraq), in the first British air trooping operation, Frontpage of French newspaper Le Petit Journal, May 6, 1923, Private Collection,

After Prince Faisal lost his throne in Syria and was evacuated by the French on July 25, 1920 Lord Karzun sent the British Foreign Secretary to Wilson about the current conditions and includes many questions from them after Faisal left the throne of Syria. Turning around him his former employees will be a nuisance for the French by claiming the throne of Syria, but if he abdicates him he will claim the leadership of Palestine and will create trouble for France here and put us in a difficult position so will the British crown government think about assigning the Emirate of Iraq to him and that Faisal is the only one among the Arab leaders who understands the problems related to the management of a rule Of Western ways Civilized and no local competitor that can do its job and appreciation Foreign aid is vital for the continued existence of an Arab country, as it realizes the danger of relying on an Arab army.

If we offer the throne of Iraq to us, we will not only seek our position in the Arab world, but also eliminate the charge of betraying Faisal and the people of this country. And if the government intends to reduce its expenses in these countries for days, except with Faisal. Without any other solutions ..

Prince Faisal.

Thus, Colonel Wilson's position has shifted from a great advocate of annexing Iraq to India to a official who sees the presence of her seizure after the French were sent to Faisal from Syria and undermining the Arab government that established him to assign Iraq to this Arab prince, and if Wilson's hellish project succeeded

British troops, Iraq.

In fact, it would have established another Israel, an ( Indian Israel ) made up of several million Indians and Indians, and the ( dangers of this Indian colony can be imagined over the Arab presence in the western Gulf after discovering the huge oil assets in it) . If this British plan had been achieved, it would have reversed the political situation not only in the Gulf but in The entire Middle East was upside down and would have changed the balance of power in a fundamental change in the interest of the Arab nation, and that undermining and destroying this project would not have happened had it not been for the revolution of the twentieth that ended it forever ..

British Troops Marching Into IRAQ.

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