Xenobiotic definition:

A xenobiotic is a chemical substance found within an organism that is not naturally produced or expected to be present within the organism. It can also cover substances that are present in much higher concentrations than are usual.

Oxidative damage can occur by intaking plant and extracts with high amounts of substances that do not occur naturally in the human body.

Humans are a product of their environment and family genetics. By saying you are a product of your environment, that is slightly flawed as Humans are a highly sentient Organism able to make conscious decisions about the environment.

The major flaw in Humanity is that humans believe that Environment is the sole source of intelligence and that Religion habits instilled among religious followers induce a higher state of consciousness.

Religion is better described as traditional habits and principles backed by Written or Spoken Word.

Earth Religions need to Unite in order to overcome obstacles arising from conflicts in Traditions and Xenobiotic attacks on the Living Genetics on Earth.

Almost all animals and Humans have one thing in common, learned habits.

Every disease and birth defect can also be traced back to bad habits and xenobiotic accidental or purposeful attacks on the living genetics of Earth.

The most damaging xenobiotic attacks on Earth in the current day have been the result of the splitting of Electromagnetic Elements such as Uranium, pollution resulting from Oil Production and spills, Nuclear Reactor breakdown and Bombing, and spreading of Electromagnetic Radiation.

Xenobiotics should also take into account Electromagnetic Radiation and its effect on the human genome and brain patterns.

The inspiration of the article ironically came by researching the oxidative and xenobiotic family of the plants called the Madder family which is known to be psychiatrically addicting and the Origin Family of the plant called Coffee.

Coffee Plants are native to Africa and Asia and Johannes Vermeer probably chose Alzarin Dye from the Madder Family in his painting due to this reason:

Some animals eat coffee cherries as part of their regular diet, such as the Indonesian civet cat (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus), the Brazilian Jacu bird (Penelope obscura), and some African elephants, but do not digest the seeds. All the coffee obtained from the excretions of those animals is available in limited quantities and for that reason the price is high.
Luwak coffee first rose to fame just before the 1950s, when coffee plantations expanded heavily during the reign of the Dutch in the East Indies.
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

I know that this article will help to inspire you to connect dots in the human knowledge spectrum and allow you to solve disease, bad habits in religion and family traditions, and evil patterns in your community arising since the dawn of Consciousness and studied since the Written word. Spoken word can be easily forgotten, forged, misinterpreted and is the main problem with schools of thought and Religion.

Things which arise from Xenobiotic Attacks such as depending on neighbors in the form of Taxation or Regulating Private Property and Human life with Bureaucratic Collusion commonly known on Earth as Democracy, Socialism, and Fascism.

The Proper solution to Xenobiotic Electromagnetic Attacks in the form of Human Consciousness Disruption and Xenobiotic Chemical Attacks in the form of Addictions to Substances and Pollution is proper sentient regulation of Private Property in the form of Zero Coercion and Knowledge Inspiration.

In the current day on Earth the most evil attack on the Human Family is the distortion of Human Sexual Hormones causing genders to be distorted and family trees destroyed. This is the result of Doctoral Xenobiotic Attacks and Horrible Family.

Utopian Knowledge, Families, and Communities arises best with clear Contracts with your Customers and Pure Science which do not disturb Living Plant, Animal, and Human Evolution.

Be strong Earth and raise strong family with high knowledge concentrations with good traditions and Unite amongst Religions and Sects and stop being tribal animals which coerce.