The terrible tragedy on November 5 2021 at the Travis Scott concert has meant a huge scandal and the possible cancellation of the artist due to what happened and what could have been avoided by his team of organizers, administrators and of course, his manager.

The concert on November 5 was a complete catastrophe in history; it is known that this is not something new, in every concert something unfortunate can always happen, but, what escaped the hands of the people who went to this concert, was that, they were not sure if they were going to survive a stampede of people under the effects of alcohol, drugs and substances unknown by the authorities, although even so, rumors have been heard that the concert gave the vibe to people that they were in hell itself, the screams, nobody could breathe, the macabre sounds, etc.

The artist Travis Scott himself is in deep trouble because of the deaths he caused by not stopping his concert while thousands of people were dying in his eyes and just went on with the show without caring one bit about the lives of the innocent people inside the concert. Not even Travis Scott's own fans can "save" him or advocate for him because what he did as an artist has no name or morals.

The rage against Travis Scott from thousands and thousands of outraged people, increases considerably since November 5, the day the biggest tragedy in the history of concerts in the United States happened.

There are many lawsuits and subpoenas that are slowly accumulating against him and the organizers inside the Astroworld festival, the place where the unthinkable happened, where the horror and the devastating news of thousands of lives lost, people injured and unknown numbers of how many people died.

Despite what the social and public media say, everyone knows that there were not only 8 or 10 people who died.

The terrible organization and security inside the event were incredibly bad, people were complaining about not being able to breathe, not having space for their "lungs" to breathe normally.

Inside the event there were thousands of people who jumped the limits and decided to go over the heads of the security team who were trying to deal with the crowd that tried to get into the Travis Scott concert without having to pay a dollar.

From the event, and its poor organization, the unfortunate events did not really leave 8 dead and 300 injured, by common logic it is impossible that there were simply 8 dead from an unknown population due to people who jumped the security limits trying to get into the concert without paying a ticket.

On the internet, there are many videos that show that the artist Travis Scott did not care a bit about the screams, cries, etc, from his fans and the crowd that was unable to breathe, suffocated, exhausted and with their lungs totally crushed.

Many people have claimed and claim to have noticed demonic and satanic overtones within the concert that were dark to many, while others considered this completely normal as part of the artist's "album".

The conspiracy theories about Travis Scott's concert did not stop by people outraged and saddened by this tragedy, it is completely a fact that due to the evidence, videos and images taken inside the event, it can be stated that indeed, the artist Travis Scott had a completely strange behavior.

On the internet you can get thousands of testimonies from witnesses who attended the tragic event that denounce Travis Scott because many people did not deserve to die in this concert; at one point of the event, things got completely out of control and many people had to evacuate the place, in the videos uploaded to social networks you can hear the screams of people shouting: "Help", "Stop the Show" "Help me", "I can't breathe".

The desperate screams of the victims are impossible not to hear, while desperate people screamed, cried and died in the crowd, the artist Travis Scott showed a completely strange and heartbreaking behavior to see, he simply decided to continue with the show, and even, a video was leaked on Twitter where a support team towards the victims, carries carrying a corpse and Travis Scott has his hand directing it towards this lifeless person and singing a low and terrifying music;

From this video, many people have assured that apart from being a ritual, the artist took advantage of this and sucked the energy of the person being carried while singing "Yeaaaah, Yeeeeeh" slowly and in the middle of people dying in front of their own eyes, something devastating and extremely sad.

Often fans defend their idols with the argument that they are not the ones in charge of organizing their concerts, meaning that, organizing a whole CONCERT is not a job of a single person after all, but nevertheless, Travis Scott's behavior was unusual, strange and disturbing, he simply did not care that thousands of people died and screamed "Help" in front of his own eyes, something totally sad and devastating because even the cameras captured the sounds, the screams and the moans of the victims at this terrible event.

This may indeed be the end of Travis Scott's career, the reasons and motives why Travis Scott did not stop the show are unknown, he pretended "not to hear" the screams, the signs and even the moans of the people trying to let him know that something bad and disturbing was going on.

Compared to other artists during situations like this, it's remarkably clear the difference between what it is to have a good heart and what it is to have "no morals."

Travis Scott's fans are hating him, criticizing him and there is even an online campaign called "#CANCELTRAVISSCOTT" where people have joined to go to Spotify and click on the Artist's "three dots" and hit "Don't play this artist" to stop his music from being listened to, and thus, stopping him from making money.

This whole situation was a disappointment and a huge stain to the reputation of Travis Scott, who, despite all of this, already has a "bad reputation" of being a terrible person and someone without personal control, there are many people who claim that Travis Scott events have always been tragedies, but this was the biggest of all of them and also... the worst of all.