I have a hypothesis that I am going to have the team research that there were trading companies killed on 9/11. Then we had massive problems ever since AOL.

AOL Instant Messenger was unencrypted ICQ messaging software that allowed anyone with an ISP company to spy on communications.

Then 9/11.

Then Jump Trading, LLC is my favorite trading company on Earth. Just by their name, I knew something was to be researched. Then I realize they have the fastest links to all the bitcoin exchanges, most likely, knowing about Chicago Trading companies.

"Gurinas and DiSomma also founded a venture capital firm, Jump Capital, in June 2012. By January 2016, the firm had invested in 30 companies. Jump Capital also invested $5 million in The Small Exchange in May 2019, a start-up retail trading futures exchange.[11][12]

Jump Trading is a registered broker-dealer and member of multiple exchanges including the CME Group and the New York Stock Exchange.[13][4] They are also members of most European exchanges including Eurex and the London Stock Exchange.[14][15]"

So then, I worked for Activ Financial because Interactive Brokers didn't have the wherewithal to pull my resume out of their socialist database.

Then, I decided I am going to start a Chicago Bitcoin laissez-faire Instrument Exchange in 2020 for Christmas on Earth working this winter with:

1. Activ Financial

2. CME Group

3. Jump Trading

4. Cryptowat.ch

5. Zac Cogswell of WiredTree and Early Bitcoin Miner

In the Tropical Tundra: Chicago, IL.