The people living in their cars, parent's homes, and on the street have been failed by poor recruitment at Corporations who don't make a stand about anything these days unless people burn down buildings.

These corporations are lost at sea and the racist movements just awakened their spirits for capitalism. Now! We should start to see hiring after places start to turn into DMV or Bread Lines when you are paying $12 for a Soy sandwich. America should not have lines for things, globally known as queues.

During 2016 South Africa experienced many protests. Most of them were around tertiary education fees. In November 2016, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party of South Africa took to the streets of Pretoria.

It was mostly calm as the EFF had several marshals walking with the various clusters. Despite the massive police presence, there were a handful of vandals and pyromaniacs around. 

I also got pelted with a few stones in the process.
Photo by Pawel Janiak / Unsplash

I am a 31 year old DevOps and Linux Expert. I have used Linux and modded Xbox's since I was 13-14 years old.

My stability is not an issue any more and I've grown out of my youthful vices. My industry is precisely the industry corporations need to grow to automate: Linux and Development Operations.

Only Startups have filled my bank account with Salaries and I've done quite well for myself. Others have been failed by the model's of companies and those Startups which try to model ancient companies guided only by statistics.

A College degree is not a prerequisite for intelligence.

But, truthfully I haven't done that much hard work when looking for a job this time in South Florida. As my contract length would have to be 3-6 months. I am starting 2 companies, one which will blow your mind, the other will fulfill your investment goals. South Florida will grow and grow and buildings will be built to endure hurricanes. Slowly and surely hurricane grade construction is taking place all over South Florida.

Managing this website and team of 68 authors has been fun, but I'm ready to get back to work and leave this site to my team. For those on the team that know me, I'm not going anywhere and will always be your friend.

John Lambrechts