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Personally, I think my Mom and Dad are getting the better deal, but he constantly belittles and attacks with not peaceful "baby boomer panicky Father" nonsense.

My parents watch Fox News all day, perhaps they think they are getting better incel from the Australian Television. Pretty sad.

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I personally believe Heaven/Utopia is human advancement on the Ethical Free Will path.  I am building heaven on Earth. Time is short. Get off the Malort.

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Open Border season! More the merrier! Especially poor. We need more poor people. Hell no!

Let's welcome all the new Western Hemisphere aliens into America and make them work and give them and Backpacks, and Carhartts.

We are NOT ready for all these noobs at this point in time in America. We still have to get the Aliens who used the roads, schools, hospitals, and obama phones to pay for the services. Now we have another SHIT load coming.

Have a good 2,021 on the Roman Calendar.