Spanglish is a mixture of two completely different languages, but even today many people use it for different reasons, such as not to forget either in Spanish or English the words they're wanting to say, or to make people feel comfortable, whether they are Spanish or English speakers.

If anything, there is no doubt that the discomfort that generates Spanglish to many people is something completely true, this starting with the fact that Spanish and English are different languages and therefore many people believe that they should not be mixed as languages, since doing so can give a confused person a headache just when trying to understand exactly what the speaker of Spanglish is trying to say.

Spanglish is spoken by immigrant communities in the United States who came to a country where they do not speak English completely but speak Spanish and therefore mix most of their first language with English to form Spanglish.
It is also spoken by American children and people born to Spanish-speaking or Latino parents who speak both Spanish and English on behalf of their parents and representatives.

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A language is a different world, each language has its own vocabulary, grammar and structures specially designed to communicate ideas, thoughts and to convey not only words, but messages.

Why does Spanglish make people uncomfortable?

Spanglish has come to bother many people because there are people who believe that Spanish and English are completely different languages even though they are similar and many words are similar.

Lately Spanglish has been a set of two totally different languages that has gained momentum and therefore many people around the world and commonly in the United States speak it and use it as another language or as a common language.

Spanglish is a common language mixed with the use of Anglo-Saxon terms in order to communicate ideas in both English and Spanish.

Most people who do not speak Spanglish do not know if the increased use of people speaking this mixture of two totally different languages is something that will end well in the future, because, although Spanglish is spoken by many people, the discomfort of hearing it for many others is real.

It is not known if Spanglish and its use is for fashion or simply to annoy other people, but, what is known as a fact, is that, Spanglish is spoken among people who have high academic and professionally high levels.

People who speak Spanglish say that this discomfort on the part of other people when they hear the mixture between Spanish and English, is because, as they are average people within a population that does not use, does not know the use and would not like to learn another language, they reject outright the use of a mixture between two languages; although in itself, the "average" population ensures that those who like to speak Spanglish are simply people who try to appear more intelligent and are always looking for a way to excel in any aspect, or in any way.

America is a continent that is complete and is subdivided into two continents:

  • North America
  • South America

Due to the great influence of English as a second language in South America, where Spanish is the first language, there are many people who seek to speak English or learn it because they are looking to work, study or start a new life in a foreign country where they can speak English and have bigger opportunities or chances of getting a good job or employment.

Spanglish is common in the United States where the influence of Spanish in the English-speaking community has been greater for many years, the increase of the Spanish-speaking population has increased with the arrival of thousands and millions of immigrants seeking a better quality of life, a better job and economic stability where they can survive and support their families and loved ones.

Spanglish is something common in the popular Latino culture in the United States and has also left a mark in the Spanish speaking society, most of the people who speak Spanglish are people who are in the United States and speak Spanish as their first language and do not feel comfortable simply speaking English so they decide to mix English with Spanish.

The other part of the Spanish speaking community who speak Spanglish are Americans who were born in the United States and their parents or one of their biological parents is Latino or speaks Spanish as their first language, therefore, in their homes they can hear two totally different languages such as English and Spanish and this is the main reason why they mix both Spanish and English or they are simply bilingual if they manage to perfectly manage a decent and general fluency in both languages.

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Nowadays, for many people, Spanglish is a mixture of two languages that is a complete nuisance when speaking in communities where either only one language is spoken or people don't want to hear any kind of a dialect or different "way of speaking" which is the mixture of two languages; this means that, if anyone feels excluded from a Spanglish conversation, this is because Spanglish is not for everyone and therefore, it would make people who do not understand most of the words spoken or mixed from English and Spanish, feel bad or dumb.

In the past, Spanglish was seen as a kind of joke because it was considered a deformation as well as a disrespect to Spanish and was even considered as a "bad spoken Spanish".

The truth is that, people who completely manage Spanglish in their daily lives are people who are completely intelligent, manage and master two languages to perfection in order to be able to mix them as one.

It is all a matter of perspectives and contexts, if a person who handles Spanish as his/her first language does not find a correct word at the moment he/she wants to say it and finds it in English, the brain, as it is split in two different parts, will automatically look for the proper way to send the message to the person who wants to transmit and communicate the message at that precise moment, therefore, the message can be understood in one way or another.

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The locations where Spanglish is spoken by popularity or majority varies from states like:

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • California
  • New York

which are states that have been heavily influenced by Spanish-speaking immigrants who have arrived to these regions and are fully fluent in two languages as bilingual speakers. There, in those states, speaking and mixing Spanish and English is considered something completely normal.

In fact, most young Latinos in the United States express themselves in Spanglish all or most of the time in their daily lives, when they go to school, when they talk to their friends or when they are at home with their families.

Many of those who choose to communicate in Spanglish say that, they do it to speak quickly or simply say the words they want to or the words they are unable to express in both English and Spanish.

This is known as, forgetting a word or not knowing a direct translation to what they want to relate to a message to convey, this can range from ideas, thoughts and words that simply don't appear at the moment for the speaker.

Another reason why many Spanglish speakers express themselves between a mixture of two languages is also to express a hybrid identity, according to many Latinos

This means that, for many, this is a proud representation of their roots, culture and where they come from or how they identify themselves.

Many Latinos feel that it is a natural and simple way to express themselves in both English and Spanish, and that the mixing of these two languages does not influence a feeling of awkwardness or discomfort.