The people are now revolting in the form of acquiring Precious Metals finally. This should not be surprising after Bitcoin's astronomical rise during the Stimulus. Very saturated and also a very sound currency.

However, Big Banks in the United States have been shorting precious metals also holding a lot of paper receipts for holders who demand the physical metal and also for speculators trading it for profit ( or loss ). This is the reason banks buy Silver, because it a use case in the market.

The illegal thing banks do or bordering on illegal is Naked Shorting

Silver Use Cases Utopia Search Engine

#silversqueeze is trending on Twitter, and Ironically, I bought 55oz of Silver and 3.5 Gram Gold Bracelet with my Bitcoin at $40,000. I'm happy camper.

What you can do to assist is buy Phyiscal Silver or a Silver Trust traded ETF that has a sound custodian. Some specific securities which will be targeted are $AG and $PSLV.

I encourage you to also buy Silver and Sound Money to become rich in the future's level playing field as explained in this article:

The Signing of the Federal Reserve Act 1913 vs Bitcoin
Federal Reserve Act vs Bitcoin price explained. Bitcoin was started anonymously by coders.

Even though I am a strong proponent of Bitcoin, the silver and gold bugs have been left out of this Pandemic rally, and r/wallstreetsilver and r/wallstreetbets will not allow our ancestors to fail during this pandemic.

The banks are not your friends Boomers.


What is a Short Squeeze?