Ron Paul 2007/08 Campaign Credentials

  • Precinct Chairman for Hawthorn Woods, IL (achieved 9% for Ron Paul in the Election)
  • Donated ~$500-$1000 when I was 17 years old from my own stacks of Tip money.
  • Set up about 200 Signs across the NW Suburbs
  • Went to Iowa to volunteer educating Americans about Ron Paul during his Iowa Christmas Vacation
  • Met with the Chicago meetups and leaders repeatedly.

Ron Paul has been the biggest positive influence on my principles as a man. I have never seen a man so excited to share his knowledge with the world.

That was part of my reason why I wanted to start, covering topics not much discussed in American Curriculum. I found a large group of talented Earthlings all over the world on Discord and decided to pay them to post whatever topics they wanted to write about, so long as we agreed and they sourced.

The result has been outstanding. We have accumulated a ton of content. This freedom has inspired them all to stick with me through all the hate.

They were simply mistakes, and I will always defend the team I've worked with to make this awesome website.

Quitting Hive was a rage-quit decision that I am prone to, due to the fact my personality depends on Respect, and I've been disrespected by Institutions, Family, Bosses, CIA, and now some Hivers. That will not stop me now, this rage quit attitude should not apply to this positive network. And everyone, don't confuse this issue, don't think you deserve respect, you have to earn it with every new group you join.

I will continue to work towards earning respect after being labeled as a Mass Scam Plagiarism operation which is complete FAKE NEWS.

Ron Paul dealt with the same exact situations I am personally dealing with on Hive. He's still educating on the Liberty Report and in LRC, Campaign For Liberty, and FEE Columns when he's not taking care of his family as the Patriarch.

I will always stand up for Freedom, Private Property Rights, Non-Violence.

The issue is, on Earth, there are violent people, I'm not sure why. Probably made a bad investment or joined the CIA. The most violent are your 'Federal' Central Banks and their intelligence agencies world wide.

I will forgive azircon and hivewatchers for misunderstanding our project if they stop spreading lies. If the lies continue I will be forced to take legal action.

What exactly is Azircon's goal? Why is he negative towards a benevolent project? Also is he trying to turn 15+ World Wide University student authors away from Hive? To discourage @fulltimegeek from interacting with me? That is called Blackmail/maligning and is punishable by law in the United States. I'm here to stay on Hive and don't let one account run this chain please, you know how that end's up.

I would like to share this video about a sexy Carolina Girl explaining her stance on Ron Paul back in the day...

The war on good Hivers needs to stop. We need to be United as a family of Hivers.

I will always defend Utopia Educator's authors even if they have made a mistake. They are my friends and colleagues.

I became a Hive supporter in April actually right when you guys started. I apologize for barging in with our whole blog, I didn't even understand Hive yet, I can only learn so many blockchains per year. Please forgive me for having @msa11 post every blog of ours, we would have become stars if we simply just didn't post so fast.

I am fully supportive of Hive and we did not post using a bot, knowingly break Hive rules.

Please forgive @utopiaeducators author's for the mistake's they may have made and reach out to me, I will remove the post from or pay them to rewrite it.

Azircon, I'll see you in court if you continue to malign/blackmail me and my project across the internet compounded with economic threats.

@MSA11 is 50% beneficiary to this post who worked his ass off posting our content to Hive.

*All future posts will have nothing to do with azircon blackmail or hivewatchers failed arbitration.