Utopia Educators' Business Model

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Utopia Educators' Business Model


  1. I am creating a Hive Interface at https://hive.utopiaeducators.com
  2. You can login with Hive Keychain extension after you create a keychain password and Import Keys/PWD
    3. Use your master password it will allow you to import every key.
  4. You earn rewards for upvoting good posts, and writing good posts. 100% of the reward goes to you.
  5. Our community on Hive is https://hive.utopiaeducators.com/created/hive-110714
  6. Subscribe and invite your friends to Hive with our referral code, and I will delegate them capital to build their online reputation and perhaps join our team

You can view our @utopiaeducators account which I will be continuing to fund.

In the future our Hive interface will be a curated list of awesome posts sort of like a Reddit that we curate after I learn the code of the interface.

What is expected of our Authors on Hive?

  1. Spread positivity on Hive
  2. Spread Truth
  3. Find unknown good posters and give them confidence!
  4. Upvote Truth
  5. Post to the Utopian Community after you complete your post on UtopiaEducators.com

Who will get the most direct rewards from the founder?

  1. The best content creators and highest Curation APR users on Hive.
  2. You can track your Vote Potential (it refills every 5 days to 100%). HiveStats.io
  3. Change the URL to your Hive Username to view your Vote Potential.
  4. As you vote your vote becomes less valuable until it refills, so curate the best content.

Any questions flag @John Lambrechts in the Discord Server.

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