Metaverse is an extensive concept. The sound seems buzzy, right? Let's learn what metaverse is in some short definitions first. Then, we will dive deep into the main part about the things that I do care about.

Well, usually metaverse is a combination of the words "meta" means "beyond" and the "verse" refers to "universe". So, we call it together as "beyond the universe". Here's a thing that I want to mention before anything else: metaverse exists in the virtual sphere. It's a virtual way of feeling just as real.

The term "metaverse" was first mentioned in a novel named "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson in 1992. Afterward, we witnessed some private companies doing some projects based on the concept. Movies like "The Matrix",   "The Tron Legacy" were made based on the metaverse concept. Virtual reality, virtual currencies, AR are some of the aspects of the modern world where metaverse will bring these aspects together to build up the virtual realm.

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So, in general, metaverse refers to a digital reality that combines plenty of aspects like social media, VR, augmented reality (AR: which overlays visual elements, sounds, and other sensory input), online gaming, cryptocurrencies together to interact virtually in a virtual world via the internet. An extensive network of persistence and real-time rendered 3D world. However, the metaverse is yet not a reality. It's a broad term to understand. It has huge challenges as well. Many things are in progress. And a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Recently, the word "meta" got hyped because the CEO of Facebook announced that they will adopt the new company called "META" which means that the name of Facebook will change to encompass a new world called THE METAVERSE.
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Meta: Facebook’s New Change
Recently came the news that has formed scandal and doubts among people who thought that Facebook was never going to change, what is known is that Facebook will no longer be called that way and will change its name to meta.

Many think that metaverse will be the next iteration of the internet. I personally think, yes it could be. But it won't be as easy as we may be thinking. The present version of the internet is two-dimensional (2D). So it's an attempt to revolutionalize from 2D to 3D. So, in a world like this, "reputation" can play an important role as this should be proved that you are who you are instead of another person or even a bot. Also, the main challenge could be the facial features, voice, footage, etc. In addition to that,  "Law and jurisdiction" in metaverse will be a true challenge to identify the jurisdiction that can ensure virtual space is safe and trustworthy for its users.

There will be many challenges such as payment, trust, ownership, identity, data, exchange, etc. Hence, it won't be as easy as we may think. Now, let's get back to my main point. Out of these things, the technology that catches my mind every time is called "Blockchain". As you might hear, the metaverse will be decentralized, and the technology that works behind the term is blockchain. Why am I bringing this thing here? Becuase, it's above all.

The real version of metaverse platforms will be powered by blockchain technology for sure. Also, they will use cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the metaverse. The thing I most care about any new coming project is the security and user-friendly. And the security will come out through blockchain technology if it is rightly used. You know that, without blockchain technology, the economy will be used by someone which will make it difficult for resources and goods used in the metaverse. And the value will be somewhat equivalent to the real world. Controlling by someone means "Centralization". It will be a huge riskier for the economy without providing security and real-world value for it. (Check out our website to know more about blockchain )

Apart from that, blockchain can be used in many aspects of our lives. Many sectors will be benefited from it if rightly done.  As you know we got to overcome many potential obstacles first. But primarily, I am looking for the change in health sectors first through using this technology, to be honest. Will be writing more about the advantages of this technology later. Till then, take care. Thanks.