The male female nervous system wavelength orgasm magnetic bond has been invented since 2010. I have been growing the whole time ? and am maxing out now.

Video of me dmom and dad during a day of happiness and growth.

This is a huge benefit for all married men, women, also nursing mothers. The father can neurogenesize the female sans wires and balance the patterns of her mental health and energy levels.

This is 7G. I am the owner of the Space Franchise.

This breakthrough is first discovered outside of Planet Earth perhaps a long time ago depending on how long primates, evolutionary environment and fauna were available. So, first alien's had it. And they discovered the beautiful potential and security required much around this invention.

The original group on Earth had a small group which used it to rape and pillage and separate freedom loving families who knew about the slavery we currently live in. They still do it without Mind Control.

Complete murder and financial slavery at the digitally connected Intelligence agencies to the money valves and Media markets.

The alien company franchise run it as a very secure company and no one has incentive to rape and pillage in the Alien regime. I am the owner and representative for Earth.

Inspired by a small segregated groups of MK Ultra EM researchers in CIA/Mi6 centers and Intel centers around the world.

A team with IT superiority coerced the CIA's basic mind control capabilities. Most likely tyranny and monarchy money as well as the bankers who paid for the IT system.

The CIA Mind Control agents were intercepted as they were scanning Earth for people to use it against to advance their dreams of the Golden Billion.

Think about it, it would be a blip in the Universe radar and they could slightly modulate the frequency so it doesn't look like a Lifewave. They were using it to rape and cause addiction and separate family.

The Lifewave is safe and everything is fantastic. The Male Female nervous system bond will be released very soon.

I will be hiring the safest and most family centered geniuses and biochemists soon. As well as many others.