In England, Queen Elizabeth II has broken all records in the United Kingdom, both for longest reigns and oldest monarchs.

Queen Elizabeth has already seen fifteen prime ministers pass in the UK, even four of the last five were born after Queen Elizabeth came to the throne and rumors about the queen's immortality have always existed.

We on Utopia Educators will talk about the full preparation that is in place for the day Queen Elizabeth II passes away.

Indeed, it will be one of the most influential deaths of this century; it will also become one of the most watched funerals in history around the world.

In this country, the British have already been preparing for this specific moment for more than half a century since the 1960s under the name of "operation London Bridge".

What is the Operation London Bridge?

This operation is a protocol that will begin with the phrase "London Bridge Down" implying that the London Bridge has fallen; it is thought that with this operation, this same day, the Queen's private secretary: Edward Jong, will be the first to activate the operation and also the one in full charge of communicating the sad news to the Prime Minister.

The prime minister will break the news and the information will be passed on to the foreign ministry who will be in charge of communicating it to the 15 governments where the monarch is considered the head of state and then to the other 36 remaining countries of the commonwealth of nations; most of them former British colonies.

After this, the news will be revealed to the public through the media. All commercial radio stations in the UK have a regular light as it is a blue light activated by the head office in London to alert the radio station of the death of a member of the royal family, at that specific moment, the station will not know if it is the queen or another member but the protocol will remain the same, play a predefined list of sad music in anticipation.

Within this protocol, the BBC, being the country's public broadcaster, will receive a special warning from a system created during the Cold War to warn of incoming missiles and will then broadcast a pre-selected sequence of their 30 year old portraits that every Sunday simulate the death of the Queen.

On the same day, for people who are taking a plane or a flight, the pilots, upon hearing the sad news, will say the news out loud over the loudspeakers.

On the same day of the Queen's death, Prince Charles succeeds Elizabeth II, the following day Charles will make his first official speech as King, then begin a tour around the four capitals of the British nations to visit their leaders in:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast
  • Cardiff.

During the twelve days of mourning, the BBC comedies will be postponed on the day of the Queen's death, the stock exchange, most businesses and stores in the United Kingdom will proceed to close to show respect for the Queen's death.

Four days later, her body will be taken in a military procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, there, it will remain for another four days, first her family and dignitaries will pay their respects and then the doors will be opened for the hundreds and thousands of people who will be queuing outside.

Queen Elizabeth's funeral will be from 10 to 12 days after her death, a day that will be declared a public holiday for the people in the United Kingdom, the stock exchange will close again as well as most stores and businesses.

At 11:00 a.m. the bells of the Big Ben will ring and the whole country will be silent, the Queen's coffin will be transported to Westminster Abbey where many special guests will bow their heads in prayer to the Queen.

The Queen will then be taken to Windsor Castle and finally to St. George's Chapel where she will be laid to rest next to her father George VI.

The whole cost of this royal funeral is still unknown and will be paid entirely by the British government.

According to experts, the death of Queen Elizabeth II will not only bring the beginning of a very full ceremony with long days of mourning but also many changes that will even impact the whole world in general.

Queen Elizabeth II, who is now almost 100 years old, holds the record for the longest reign in the history of the United Kingdom and for that same reason, several generations of Britons have never known anyone else on the throne but her.

To this day, the Queen has been in full use of her mental faculties and has enjoyed enviable health, but, she will still pass away one day and when that happens, it will be a very sad day for the whole country.

Operation London Bridge is coldly calculated and will involve:

  • The Royal Household
  • The Prime Minister of the Government of the United Kingdom
  • The Anglican Church
  • The Commonwealth of Nations
  • The Press
  • The Police and the Armed Forces of the Country

among other organizations and institutions, both public and private.

According to official information, the London Bridge operation was created in the 1960s but has never been in use since then.

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Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of 19 nations around the world, is simply the longest reigning Queen in the history of the United Kingdom.

The queen has gone through some very difficult times for the country, but even so, she has remained in power and although her health is excellent for her age, she will eventually pass away and although this news will not be a big deal to many, the death of Queen Elizabeth could drastically change not only in the economy and politics of England but of all 53 member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.

All of this will also leave the question of... who will be the next king? and, her death could even lead to a debate or discussion of whether to end the British monarchy altogether.