Jimmy Wales is married to the Public Relations aid for the biggest Rothschild slut factory of a government I have ever seen.

Kate Garvey is an English public relations executive and a former aide to British prime minister Tony Blair. She is a co-founder of Project Everyone, a communications and campaigning agency promoting the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.[1][2]

Little do you know that Wikipedia had a cofounder named Larry Sanger. Larry Sanger became critical of Wikipedia in 2007, rightly so. This was when I started to have bad feelings about Wikipedia. It became a breeding ground for socialist ideals, UN thought, and anti-capitalist modus operandi.

This has no place in History as being successful and centralized power corrupts absolutely.

I plan on Merging Citzendium and The Space Citizendium.

The word "Christmas" is a contraction of "Christ's Mass." It is derived from the Middle English Christemasse and Old English Cristes mæsse.[3] Dutch has a similar word, Kerstmis often shortened to Kerst. The words for the holiday in Spanish (navidad), Portuguese (natal), Polish (Boże Narodzenie), French (noël), and Italian (natale), refer explicitly to the Nativity. In contrast, the German name Weihnachten means simply "hallowed night." The Anglo-Saxons referred to Christmas as geol,[3] the name of a pre-Christian winter festival from which the current English word "Yule" is derived.

Source: Citizendium