Human aliens have had contact with Earth since about 2009. I was the subject for an invention and recruited by aliens in a funny way after they intercepted the CIA broadcasting rape and pillage of freedom movements.

The timeline for complete banking treason... the collapse of the Federal Reserve branches and insurance groups who covered Wall Street occurred right before I know for certain interception happened!

My theory for planet discovery by Human aliens and the Guardians of the Universe is that they scan for mind control frequencies.

That's clearly what was going on in my life. I could see people being controlled around me. I was shocked wirelessly, every nerve ending. And then I saw a visual overlaid onto my visual cortex like below but with more stars around the skull moving in a pattern:

My timeline for introducing this is later this year or next year.

I will build UtEd into a big enterprise for education and media. As well as sharing what I find exploring other planets.

This is not a joke.


The Super Company
Brief explanation of what the Earth is about to have the pleasure of witnessing in their life time. Human Aliens working with Ron Paul donors to restore order with Private Policing.
Superhuman Brain
So, I was unlucky and got spied on by the CIA, they were using me as an oracleto see what the next generation would be thinking about ending their scams suchas Federal Reserve and Keynesianism. What happened was I was early on the internet in an upper middle classneighborhood. Intelligence commu…
Super First go at writing “Get another log for this fire John!”, Michael yelled across the clearing. Michael Hansen is a friend of John Lambrechts, they go to the same high school.Behind a town elementary school lies a forest which has a clearing in the middlewhere they are having a fire. This…
Superhuman Story
They had the ability to monitor all AOL instant messenger conversations and saw my interactions with girls. At this point they probably didn’t have full Neuralink style BCI equipment with Antennae.