Human Aliens will be presented and Announced on the Utopia Educators Youtube Account perhaps before 2022. I've been waiting since 2010 to announce this I have been in contact since February 2010.

They are doing their best to calm Earth during these 12 years, and as you know COVID is the only worldwide huge problem other than Thugs and Bullies raping and pillaging. COVID is the only horrible thing that slipped by, fortunately they crashed the markets so the next generation could invest.

Investing is important, companies will run Earth in the future with Contract Law as outlined in Frederic Bastiat's "The Law".

As you know in America, we've had a resurgence of markets and strength and that will happen 1000000000x fold when we are In Charge and my Sexual Marriage bond is released. There will be no poverty. I promise.

For now, I am working on supporting myself after I spent all my crypto money on Utopia Educators this past year.

Rock  on, and stay tuned to Elon Musk for the most intelligent take on the Universe that I know of on Earth.

I will be living in Northern Illinois as I want to live near lakes and it is affordable and not so raped and pillaged by a Lesbian Mob Mayor like Chicago, IL, my previously favorite City on Earth before Thugs, Lesbians, and Rats took over.

Enough Bullshit Earth, start building Equity, this is not a joke.