You will need the following to sufficiently live in South Florida:

  • Automobile
  • Patience
  • Garage

The roads are constantly jammed with socialist traffic jams. The local driver's and travelers are reckless even outside the home I'm currently living in, and it is not safe to ride a motorcycle in a lot of the areas in South Florida due to wet conditions, absolutely horrible immigrant and senior citizen drivers, and a lack of respect for other motorists. The lack of respect even permeates the police force, they have no trust in Citizens of America, they treat Haitian Illegal immigrants with more respect. This is dangerous.  The blacks in Psych wards give African's freedom but are racist towards Whites.

The police even go so far as ripping you away from your family and scaring them by baker acting wise youth who are awake to the corruption of Earth and the ridiculous family they have had to endure.

I notice a lot of low income people driving very expensive cars so expect that bubble to burst dramatically in either a Crash or more shit used cars on the market due to South Florida Corrosion.

Salt and Water mix to rust cheap steal on automobiles, this is why I bought an internationally designed 2015 Chevy Cruze which is built very solid for my trip back up to Chicago. Thank you Chevrolet and Carvana for making that process smooth.

Strong Family

The issue of family occurs a lot in my mind, my Parent's moved away from Chicago due to banking dilemmas and High Taxation. A lot of people move to Florida to take care of aging family. Well, Florida isn't the best place for aging family either, as the humid and sun conditions are ripe for mold and rust for Cheap Metal from the Chinese.

Your home will require high maintenance of Air Conditioning, high electricity costs, I encourage any one able to build a strong solar array on top of their roof with a battery above ground to keep from floods.

I am young and realize the potential of other areas around America, and South Florida is not my favorite. I've been all over America. Chicago has the most potential.

This is due to the strong diversity, the changing weather conditions, and it is a tropical tundra.

Most people think Florida will turn into a Tech Hub, and that isn't going to work out in most areas due to the cooling requirements of a South Florida Datacenter.

Chicago here I come! Other's can invest in this swamp through our Finance firm Maybe something amazing can happen and we can tokenize the improvement of HVAC and shit buildings to increase Human Life expectancy and happiness.

Haitians moving to America, learn English. We've had enough of your Creole Isolationism and lack of education, it is even prevalent in your own Country with the amount of Damage wrought by an Earthquake Japan can easily handle on their island.