The typical government bureaucrat and public librarians tend to look like the above and can hardly even keep books on the shelves without taxing property tax payers.

The solution to government bureaucrats and lazy fat librarians is to privatize the system and only allow paying and trustworthy residents in, and not everyone and their hobo.

Districts where Bureaucrats thrive in America are Nancy Pelosi's District, Seattle, Oregon, and modern day City of Chicago. Vagrants everywhere, tent cities, hobos with McDonalds Cups asking for change from hardworking 9-5ers shaking vehemently so they can get their next Crack Cocaine from CIA Drug Dealers and Cartels off the streets from other fellow vagrants in section 8 housing. Not to mention the fact that they also could easily get a job at McDonalds.

The fat person pictured above is what I think of when I think of cities where this is a problem. They can hardly take care of their own health and are constantly lambasting every race, gender, rich man for things that they actually did. Whereas fat ass pictured above can hardly fit into her dress and still somehow gets a modelling job in a City Building most likely in Debt to Federal Reserve Bankers and idiot businessmen who can't even get tenants quite obviously in this empty American Office Space.

I've had enough with Earth Economics and Public Schools promoting centralization of economics and money supply issues.

Certain things should be tightly controlled and centralized, but economics is not one of them.

Therefore I am not centralizing control of the economics and finance of Super Corporation and will only centralize and control highly sensitive information.

One example of what should not be highly sensitive and centralized  is Tax Payer Funded Institutions and Market Functions.

I've had it and am investing only in companies who support the Mises Institute, Austrian Finance, and Ethical Trade Policies who do not profit from inflation.

Warm Regards,

Universe's Richest Man