This is a first hand account of the challenges faced by myself during an Invention I was used for which is Universe Changing.

I was recruited in 2010 due to anomalies in my brain, education, and business ethics.

For the last 10 years I have been growing a CIA Bitch Electro-Magnetically with my invention. She is stuck in my nervous system growing me, and I have had nothing but resistance to my Dreams which has proven to be deadly. My dreams are to revolutionize planet Earth where we respect Creators and understand that every Male and Female has the ability to create a Human and they deserve the respect same as an older Human.

Ultimately, each human is a temple and you should not ransack a holy creation.

By extension, Earth is a temple as this is our land.

In the last 10 years we have the destruction of my own Country (USA) through illegal immigration and leeches off taxpayers. Individuals pay 30%-60%+ to Government for a failed economic system through Debt and Tax. Then I was jailed multiple times for victimless crimes like so many others in America.

After you pay debt and tax go take a trip to the South Side of Chicago for your Pursuit of Happiness and most likely end up in a grave due to drug addiction or drug and gang violence. Or go take a trip down Federal Ave in South Florida and get hated on for being White.

We also have the destruction of the birthplace of Humanity as the religious and Israeli State take us down the path of Holy Wars.

Meanwhile, Aliens in Space have Mind Control and technology infrastructure to solve crime planet wide for good.

What we are going to do as an Earth Planet is respect each other and use Sound Money.

This will allow markets and success to thrive in the friendly Bastiat-like, neighborly Earth, like America was founded.

Long story short, I slept on it, and am refusing 60% of the Invention.