Facebook is one of the most used platforms in the world, even when this platform recently went down and was under maintenance, many people were worried about not being able to access WhatsApp or Instagram, so they turned to other accessible platforms such as Tik Tok or Twitter.

Recently came the news that has formed scandal and doubts among people who thought that Facebook was never going to change, what is known is that, Facebook will no longer be called that way and will change its name to: META.

This totally a new change since for many years Facebook had never taken the initiative to change its name or to let its users know that it would stop being called as it is now, which has caused much controversy globally, this change brings many things in its wake: it is known that the new initiative of changing Facebook to meta will be specifically as a video game or with a new theme related to a whole virtual world, starting with small details, each person will have access to customize their own avatar and access a video-game-style world.

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The new facebook change could even mean the massive loss of users who have previously used the same platform as a social network for many years.

The most known and commonly used global platform Facebook has shocked thousands of Internet users of this social network, simply because many people did not expect such a drastic change and consider that it is something that Facebook did not really need. Even so, the changes coming with Facebook have been revealed and this has given a lot to talk about for the millions of people who use Facebook every day.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will have several changes in the structure of all its companies and that it is now essential that we all adopt a new company brand (META), which means that the name of Facebook will change to encompass a new world called THE METAVERSE, an universe where we reflect who we are as people and where each person can expect to build what they would like to create, reflect feelings, expressions and lives within another universe.

The name of the company Facebook will be renamed as Meta and will continue to be a social global network that ensures to unite more communities and also people from all over the world with this new initiative from the founder of Facebook.

All these important changes within the Meta social network will bring with it a division called reality lapse which will be the one in charge of creating the main virtual spaces within the metaverse where all users can be able to interact socially in a fun, new and creative way.

In order to access in a totally immersive way, you need a virtual reality set using augmented reality glasses or you'll need to use a Sterling Computer where you can have one of the most important and new experiences at this time, the main point of the metaverse is to connect with all the people from all over the world.

What People Really Do On Facebook
Facebook aims to create a virtual global experience so that everyone can comfortably interact and share amazing moments.

Therefore, it was confirmed that it will no longer be necessary to use Facebook as a closed social network, it was stated by Facebook that this will be a new chapter and that it will also keep the name of platforms such as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

The start of this new Metaverse

Facebook will mainly take as investment an extremely high amount of 10 billion dollars and will hire mainly for the start of the whole metaverse approximately 10,000 people.

Are there any reasons why Facebook has decided to become Meta?

Many people in the midst of the scandal, confirm that this is due to the scandal that Facebook is facing due to the leak of private and completely confidential statements and documents from its former employee Frances Haugen who kept an opinion regarding the moral and ethical management of the company which wasn't acknowledging in explicit terms its own negative publicity and their reasons for the same negative publicity.

Facebook has therefore decided to go ahead and abandon all this scandal it was facing; therefore, Meta will go far beyond expectations and the sole purpose of this project is to impress all users with all that is coming inside this Metaverse.

The focus of the Metaverse goes beyond social networks, all this is because it seeks to focus on new experiences and ways of both entertainment and communication, something that many companies don't have today, so, this whole Metaverse is specifically about the growth of a whole community within a virtual and global world.

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Facebook users did not expect this new change in 2021, nobody believed that Facebook would change from a social network to a realistic virtual and global community.

However, the name of the same social networks WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and Facebook itself will remain the same and will not change. From these words, it was said:

"We have built things that have brought people together, broadly speaking, in new ways we learned a lot to struggle with social issues and living on closed platforms and now it is time to take all that we have learned and help build the next chapter, I will devote our energy to this more than any other company in the world and if this is the future you want to see I hope you will join us because the future is going to be beyond anything we can imagine."

The metaverse is a term related to the novel Snow Crash which was written by science fiction author Neal Town Stephenson, which within this text talks specifically about the convergence of augmented and virtual physical reality in a shared online space; which is about all of this, the Metaverse will be the creation of an experience where these three factors come together for a common purpose.

Many critics of Facebook claim that the name change seeks to distract the attention of the masses from the recent scandals and controversies that Facebook has had and faced.

It is important to note that Facebook is struggling with a serious crisis since former employee Frances Haugen leaked numerous internal studies that showed that Facebook executives were fully aware of the potential damage caused by their sites.

What used to be a social network will become a community that can simply be accessed through augmented reality glasses in order to live this experience.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of Facebook, seeks to create a Metaverse that could significantly change humanity forever.

Mark Zuckerberg, being one of the most important and powerful men in the world, said that Facebook is going to stop being a social network and become Meta.

After it was confirmed that Facebook would cease to be a social network, it didn't take long after that for discussions and debates to immediately begin, while many people supported the idea of a Metaverse, many others were terrified by Facebook's change.

Millions of people claimed that very soon humans would no longer live in a physical reality, but would be able to reach and exist in a virtual reality.

The metaverse is practically a virtual universe similar to the one in which we all exist, which is the physical universe, where we all currently live.

The idea of the Metaverse is to create a virtual universe where everyone can do everything that is done in real life but in a virtual way, where everyone can do activities such as:

  • Study
  • Work
  • Live together, etc., but without the limitations that the world supposedly imposes.
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There are many people who don't consider that Facebook needed this change, dislikes and criticisms around the world continue to emerge after the Facebook Metaverse was unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg.

According to some experts this could break the laws of physics, that is to say, in a virtual universe we can simply jump from the floor to the roof of a building of more than 100 floors, we can also travel from one planet to another in a few moments, we can eat all the food we want without exploding, etc.

It has also been stated that in a virtual universe there is also the possibility that many people can be able to do disturbing things like commit crimes, steal and end the life of someone, everything is due to the idea that:

In a virtual universe, the possibilities are endless.