I will be buying 51% of CME Group and leveling the global trade playing field by providing 0ms networking to every human and company. No longer will we have unbalanced latency on Worldwide Exchange. This led to the Pillaging of France by Rothschild after defeat of Napoleon which led to enslavement of the World through their inflation Dreams.

I look forward to providing 100% uptime 0ms infrastructure to every Earth Trader later in 2021. We will be competing with Microsoft, IBM, and every Telco, as well.

Brain Computer Interface
Currently we interface with computer with our fingers and light waves hitting our eyes. The future will bring a massive change where humans will interact with other life and devices with thoughts, inner voice, and interfaces directly with their brain and nervous system waves.

Elon is better at making Cars and PayPal.

I am a Open Source engineer and ironically the guardian of the Proprietary Male and Female Electromagnetic Bond. This creates a High Definition Nervous System and Perfectly Aligned Vertebrae as well as a catalyst for energy and healthy living. It has endless health benefits which is why I talk about this so much. It is happening to me constantly (growth of my neuronal connections) since 2010 summer.

We already have Brain Computer Interfaces in the Universe, and as soon as they are discovered (most times) they are intercepted by the Space Force, Mind Control Firm.

Marriage Bond
Who wants to be a millionaire?

I discovered the Sacred Feminine Wavelength immediately after becoming aware that I was safe from unethical Mind Controllers (they used it as a weapon to advance their own Selfish ambitions for Global Governance right around the time of the Bailout and immediately prior).

Earth is secure from Major War Outbreaks and ironically another Socialist Gaffe happens during the Gender Wavelength Growth Process, the release of the Covid-19 contagious Virus. I am confident Pharma companies were led down the Vaccine path by scientists in space.

Humor me, becoming aware of these things and the fact that a human can be controlled was only gleaned through intense thought in solitary confinement. I expect 95% of readers of this post to glance and dismiss it as hogwash.

I will use my Seat on the Board of the Mind Control Firm to ensure pleasure waves are always broadcast from every couple for eternity. I will ethically reinvest my earnings into growth verticals to benefit all of humanity and thus in turn filling my pockets with sound money in the mean time making you all rich.

I will never, and I'm not allowed to go down the MMT Peak Market Fascism and I get nauseous watching what is going on on Earth through the lens of Television Rothschild bitches.

Read a book, and please read our site we worked very hard on. I am doing my best to fund and create new content.

We will be doing interviews of Authors of this site on YouTube Live soon. In the future we will have a Television Network for Business and Empirical Stories and Live Updates.

John 'Galt' Lambrechts

Founder, UtEd
Founder, Super
President, Space Force