Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Heroin are all pouring into the American borders. The DEA and Anslinger's little boys have finally given up the Fight against the unholy marijuana, now they are actually focused on hard drugs, selling and money laundering.

Trump's expert level consulting with strong good men in the swamp has exposed DEA Federal agendas, he has inspired and saved at least 200,000 lives or more. By focusing on news other than virii you will see the below has taken place under Trump's Presidency.

DEA was conducting money laundering & payments to drug cartels for the purpose of investigating those networks. Generating profits off of the illegal activities that were then to be used to fund further operations.
This is a look at DEA activities in 2015-2017 & highlights how the program was not effectively managed or supervised to minimize ‘risks’ such as the risks that DEA people might become part of the networks they were supposed to be investigating.
Seems DEA failed to adequately pursue targets involved in the money laundering networks. They also did not prevent the inappropriate use of funds…
DEA was violating the law & oversight, even leading to DOJ falsely reporting to OIG that all DOJ undercover programs were in compliance with DOJ policies.
DEA would lump a bunch of separate operations under one AG’s authorization making it impossible to conduct effective oversight over the individual operations to launder money for drug cartels…
I would not be surprised if these DEA undercover operations were reporting to the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) headed by Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr during the 2014-2017 time frame… He was relieved of those duties in December 2017…
These DEA undercover money laundering operations were given broad authorization & little to no oversight. Including a case where it was expanded (without separate authority) to launder money for a narco-terrorist organization.
In some cases, the DEA ran these money laundering operations for years, without documented predicate for investigative actions & while failing to investigate the money laundering networks involved in the operations.
Then DEA just made up statistics to call the program a success…
DEA failed to coordinate it’s activities with other states, feds & foreign law enforcement, making it’s activities illegal in other nations too. It was especially lax in accountability of virtual currencies like Bitcoin & others. Allowing potential fraud & theft…
Seems DEA was laundering the money within DEA too, using their money laundering profits to pay for cases not legally authorized as part of the program. Plus using it to pay for travel, expenses, & equipment without proper oversight.
DEA was laundering millions of dollars through these networks, but the totals are redacted…
As always the good stuff is redacted…
Details on the different types if undercover money laundering operations that should be approved by the Attorney General & be subjected to proper oversight. Oh look, they are letting confidential human sources run some of the undercover money laundering operations…
From 2015-2017 DEA ‘earned’ $8.3M in profit on it’s money laundering transactions, which must be a small fraction of the dollars laundered for the cartels & narco-terrorists.
I love footnotes… So OIG is not vouching for any of these numbers. They are all provided by contracted accountants who work for the AGEO program… Wonder how good those audits really are?
They discuss previous OIG investigations of undercover operations including this one, where a DEA Special Agent extorted virtual currency while conducting a Dark Web undercover assignment & laundered it into his personal account.
There were also 2 prior investigations into a lack of accountability in the DEA confidential human source program & the money it was paying…
The Dark Web case was part of the Silk Road investigation which has lead to a variety of suspected crimes by feds involved in that case…
All in all a very interesting review, showing that DEA’s undercover operations related to drug trafficking & money laundering missed significant opportunities to disrupt money laundering operations. Can’t wait to learn more!

Source: Tyler Durden