Do not use

They lure you in with rewards then completely destroy the stakeholders of CRO by manipulating interest rates.

They collect user data, scan your clipboard, allow me to top up instantly to fiat, and own your keys.

We as crypto lovers should be using crypto as a currency not as a tool to get more fiat.

Crypto community should come together and United under Stashes of Satoshis.

CRO shitcoin scam. SWAP ALL your Netflix and Spotify garbage rewards into Bitcoin.

Never interact with anyone at any of these companies, they manipulate and take playbooks from the Federal Reserve vs the Bitcoin Whitepaper:

Monaco, Foris LTD, MCO Pay Limited, MCO Digital Asset Group, Foris Asia Pte Ltd, Foris Inc

MCO Malta DAX Limited, is the Parent company.

Their Chinese CCP front investment company is (unconfirmed, please research)

"Note HQ is in Hong Kong, so the Chinese have our personal info."

Ethereum is fine until we have a Smart Contract Solidity Layer on Bitcoin.

I prefer Bitcoin as the currency of the internet and humanity.

Please refute.

I personally am done using after my Earn accounts are done, that is the only legitimate service they offer, although I'd still rather host it in a WBTC uniswap pool.