It is a fact that in Venezuela the situation is not so easy for some people compared to others who earn in other currencies such as dollars, Colombian pesos or foreign currencies from other countries.

Conformism in Venezuela relates and also encompasses many things related to the poor and backward thinking of the community of people who are still in the country trying to survive, and it is not known if this would be the right word to simply survive for people who are lazy, do not like to work, or who are in the streets in extreme poverty and laziness, young people, children in hunger, and seniors.

Beginning to detail exactly the conformism, that is the thought of a person who is simply content with what he has or what he does not have, and continues in worse situations that never improve due to laziness or conformism itself, these people are generally those who tend to expect the government to give them free food and other specific things without wanting to go to work or without wanting to get ahead.

Sad image of the reality that many people have suffered, the corruption of the authorities has claimed the lives of many innocent people who are simply protesting for a better quality of life, medicines and food.

In Venezuela there is a famous saying of the working people, which is "He who works has the right to eat", this saying refers to all people who work hard have the right to eat and this should not be denied, but in Venezuela has reached the point where even those who work do not eat due to hyperinflation and the situation of extreme poverty in which this country is currently.

Children and the elderly are the most affected people in this situation, not to mention the patients who are between life and death in the hospitals not knowing if they will survive another day in Venezuela.

In Venezuela there are currently many people in street situations that are every day begging for food, asking for money and asking for collaborations to the people who sell in restaurants, street food businesses and supermarkets.

The situation in the country does not seem to improve and every day many people have a new problem, sick people in hospitals do not have money to afford their medicines, surgeries and operations, which means that anyone who has no money in Venezuela or a stable source of income unfortunately dies in a country in crisis, with shortages of medicines, food and without a decent quality of life.

Conformism in Venezuela since years ago when the late former president of Venezuela Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias was in power, many people were conformists and tirelessly supported the former leader of Venezuela, even it was thought by the opposition political party in Venezuela that these people had no money, no goods, or anything given to them by the government, they simply had hope and faith that someday they would get material things without working, things like cars, apartments, and luxurious things given to them by the government of Venezuela.

Few shelters are still open offering food to people in need, all because the situation is getting worse every day in Venezuela.

It is because of this same problem that Venezuela is in crisis, because of a bad political administration under the command of people who are not interested at all that their people suffer hunger, misfortune, sadness, despair and stress, all this accompanied by extreme insecurity, shortages of food and basic necessities, as well as a crisis in hospitals due to lack of medicines for patients.

In Venezuela there are many theories about what will happen to this country, many people in Venezuela assure that due to the political mismanagement in the country, the oil reserves were totally exploited and that is why the country is in a fatal economic state and in crisis.

The situation has been so critical in recent years that even many people never thought they would reach a situation where they would find themselves searching in dumpsters for food or even the youngest children searching in the garbage because they can no longer bear the hunger they feel.

In Venezuela, hope and faith has been lost with the insecurity, daily deaths, robberies and critical hyperinflation experienced by thousands and millions of Venezuelans who are still in the country and have not been able to leave this country that is getting worse day by day and is in a situation that no human deserves to live in.

The terrible situation in Venezuela has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans due to insecurity and problems with corruption in the government.

The uncertainty of not knowing if they will be able to travel to another foreign country, the lack of money and the insecurity are delicate and sad issues that Venezuelans who want to leave the country in search of a better future experience...

Venezuela had the possibility of being a world potential due to the large oil reserves, but, because of the bad administration in the government and political parties of the country, everything went from bad to worse and the situation of Venezuelans unfairly became something considered as "misery", no person has a decent quality of life in which they can be sure if things in Venezuela are going to change or improve, everything remains the same and nothing improves or gets better.

Nobody knows for sure what will happen, which is why there are more Venezuelans leaving Venezuela every day than those who stay in the country trying to survive in facing a critical situation.

The years go by and it has always been said by Venezuelans that the manipulation of the Venezuelan people by the government must end, that the time has come for everyone to unite as a people so that Venezuela can change for the good of all, but the reality is that nothing has changed.

It was even believed that the United States was going to intervene in the country but so far nothing has happened and no one knows if anything will happen in the future, the truth is that thousands of children, adults and elderly people are dying every day for lack of medicine and food, not to mention the money and minimum wages that are not enough for absolutely nothing and can't cover the necessary expenses of any person.