He is from the United Kingdom, an Ally of The United States and I am very sad he is dead on this Earth, and please read him.

I personally am of the opinion his work was the inspiration to the unfortunate "Scholastic" Witchcraft of "J.K. Rowling", who can barely understand Bitcoin even after writing Multiple Thousands of Pieces of Words and getting Deeply Drunk, which has seemed to inspire a legion of idiotic readers on this Planet who still don't understand Bitcoin.

Colin Wilson needs no other writing from me other than to say that he is my favorite author that I have not yet read. Please see the below for more details on him.

"In The Strength to Dream (1962), Colin Wilson criticized the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, leading Lovecraft’s friend and publisher August Derleth to challenge Wilson to write something better. One result of this challenge was The Philosopher’s Stone (1969), a fascinating blend of science fiction, horror, and philosophy told within the framework of Lovecraft’s mythos. This edition features an introduction by Colin Stanley." - [1]
"Colin Wilson was born in Leicester in 1931. He left school at 16 and worked at various jobs while reading and writing in his spare time. His study The Outsider was published by Victor Gollancz in 1956 and became an overnight sensation in England and America, bringing widespread popular and critical attention to its 24 year old author; the book has never been out of print. He followed The Outsider with two further nonfiction works, Religion and the Rebel (1957) and The Age of Defeat (1959), which were not as well received, before turning to fiction in 1960 with Ritual in the Dark, a novel he had worked on since age 17.

He continued to write prolifically in numerous genres, both fiction and nonfiction, including works on the occult, crime, and serial killers. His prolific output of fiction includes two subsequent novels featuring Gerard Sorme, the protagonist of Ritual in the Dark--Man Without a Shadow (1963) and The God of the Labyrinth (1970)—as well as novels in the vein of H. P. Lovecraft, including The Mind Parasites (1967) and The Philosopher's Stone (1969)." - [1]
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