The challenge of climate change is one of the most prominent challenges that we humankind face, and it is also a challenge that we created ourselves and it is time for us to reconsider our mistakes towards the planet and solve these mistakes, but many of us do not understand the gravity of this problem on us, and they think that we are fine…….. We're not really fine!

Climate change :

Climate change in the general sense is a change in the Earth’s normal climate (decreased rainfall, increased temperatures) due to human activities, the planet’s balance has been disrupted and the planet faces the direct threat of losing its sustainability, which will affect life.

Last chance to survive

Yes, it is... It is our last chance to save the earth and save our human race from extinction.

By the year 2050, if we do not solve this problem, it will be time for us to wait for the end of the world or a date to settle another planet. Is this the fate that we want?
During our existence, we humans on earth, and the development of our intelligence more than the rest of the creatures, we used this intelligence to destroy ourselves and our existence. Never in history have we been united to solve such a global problem. We were busy fighting ourselves and killing ourselves slowly. Because of religion, race, or belief to please God, Is our neglect of the earth and nature please God?

If you do not believe in God, Doing these actions satisfies your nature and your existence, in my opinion, despite the different beliefs. This does not satisfy anyone, whatever their belief.

There are thousands of questions that will run through your mind about what should we do? , is this really our last chance?

The trip to Mars: the most prominent obstacles
The trip to Mars is very important for the human race to make humans multi-planetary beings, but there are some problems, so what are these problems, and what is their solution?

I'll start by answering the second question:
Yes, it is our last chance, and this is according to statistics and scientific research, and I will show you why we should do something now and not later.

  • Humans have warmed the planet to more than 1.1°C and it is likely to rise to more than 1.5°C in the coming years.
  • Notice in the graph how the earth was affected by human activities after the age of industry. We note that before 1875 the temperatures were moderate and stable, but with the beginning of the industrial age, the temperatures began to change in a very large way, (the reason is very clear)
The Sun: A Life Story
The sun is what gives the earth life, but what is its mechanism of action, what is its origin, and what is its life’s role?
  • The continuation of the glacial melting at the poles with great acceleration, we find in the graph a significant decrease in the glacier masses after 1800, which is very frustrating.

The effect of the problem on humans at this time

2016 It was 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer than in the pre-industrial age before 1880. Droughts produced by El Nio in southern Africa resulted in power outages owing to water scarcity in hydropower plants. After nearly two years of practically no precipitation in Ethiopia, the greatest drought in 30 years threatens to starve nearly 20% of the population. Such trends not only have a detrimental impact on rising economies but also cause waves of migration, jeopardizing global social stability.

Babylon: Lord’s Gate
Babylon was one of the most influential civilizations that changed the whole world. In it, the first laws were laid and the most beautiful and huge buildings were built in it and it ruled the world twice in two different times.

Solutions to the climate crisis

The solution is very easy, and everyone does their part to save the planet

  • Global leaders:

They are among the most prominent people who have the task of saving the planet, and they must make decisions for the benefit of the planet and pass laws on sustainability

“The shift to a cleaner energy economy won’t happen overnight, and it will require tough choices along the way. But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact.” Barack Obama
  • Architects

Since I am an architecture student, I know how important this is to me, the biggest duty falls on us and it is a responsibility. We must design that respects the environment. We must design buildings to work for nature and not the other way around. This is more healthy for us. We must design cities and make them more sustainable. , By increasing the vegetation cover in cities and activating public transportation.

  • Engineers:

Engineers in all their specialties must manufacture materials for everything that respects the environment. The civil engineer must manufacture concrete materials or invent more sustainable materials for the building.

The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved. – Thomas Sigsgaard
  • Economists

It is their responsibility to encourage and support sustainability companies and contribute to spreading it on the widest scale or establishing companies that serve the goal of sustainability.

  • Ordinary people

Contribute with governments and individuals to solve the problem, not to cut down trees and increase their cultivation, not to start fires, not to throw waste, this contributes in a simple way to solve the problem

Thanks for reading!

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