The sole reason for the gang violence in the Chicago land regions, specifically Cook County, and small pockets near the border in North Chicago, Zion, Waukegan is prohibition.

Back in the Day Prohibition Deep Fake

(drugs, tobacco growing, weed growing, prostitution, street vending, smoking cars on trains, 'illegal' gambling, drinking on train, cigarette selling, playing music, selling cds, selling anything without a license, selling books on the street)

Prohibition Classic March

This is all regulation put in place for safety, and what have you received from Chicagoland? In my first hand experience some neighborhoods are absolute chaos. Not only chaos but murder, which spills out of the ghettos into other neighborhoods for profit.

If humans were allowed to buy and sell what they please in Cook County, Chicago, or even in the whole of Chicagoland... Chicagoans could have somewhat of a calm and prosperous life on Earth.

No wonder everyone is depressed, you can not sell a hot dog in Chicago, ay dios mio! Necesito vender!

What I'm trying to explain here, is to encourage you to think about this whole reason, when you hear news reports, that Chicago’s violence is caused by suppression of blacks by the Government. It is true.

Although, brown, caucausian, asians, ALL OF US are prohibited from selling hot dogs on the street without bowing down to Chicago’s openly Lesbian Mayor Regime. This is not the true Chicago tradition of trade and production, with entertainment in our tropical tundra logistics hub for America, digital and physical.

Crime Incidents In Chicago this year

A report by Nbcchicago syndicated news, in this year from Jan 1 to July... 440 homicides occurred in this democrat run city and 2240 people were shot by murderers. Nbc Chicago’s last year report shows- 209 homicides occurred and 1480 people got shot In 2019. If we make a comparison of last year and this year Chicago's crime incidents reduced by a huge margin.

I think this incident occurred because of more opportunities for which Trump opened America up to.

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