Going beyond expectations means meeting goals and not simply reaching the limits but surpassing them and knowing how to succeed in any aspect without failing in the attempt.

Expectations are the big ideas we have when we yearn to fulfill a dream, a goal or a purpose.

Today, the world is in constant change and we talk a lot about talent, which is that ability or skill superior of most people, talent can also be what determines that a person is better in any area that requires certain major skills with demands to be better or to improve.

It is completely normal that everyone in life as human beings have expectations, big or small, we can all have hopes, dreams and big expectations, but, many times the limits that we put to those expectations are the ones that end up hurting us.

From the theoretical context, expectations mean hope or the possibility of being able to achieve something specific, a goal or a dream, depending on each person and what he or she wants to achieve or attain.

All of us as human beings, in one way or another, struggle every day to achieve a goal, succeed and feel proud of what we achieve, we seek to fulfill our desires, objectives and goals.

Sometimes, we can constantly feel that we are even missing something, it can be a longing for something we do not know or simply that feeling of emptiness to achieve something undefined; even many people who have already achieved something have the need to satisfy another desire and so on.

The best things that can happen in our lives are the unexpected things, many people believe so, even this is because if something is not expected, it is better for our lives, we learn to expect the UNEXPECTED.

It may be something unexpected that can simply surprise us, but, expectations go beyond what can be unexpected, they are those things that we expect with certainty or with the feeling of "hope".


Our own happiness can be measured and proportioned to our own levels of satisfaction and what we believe is "happiness", but this goes in relation to acceptance and our personal expectations, what may satisfy someone else may not satisfy anyone else with completely different expectations.

Expectations mean "hope" and are present in every person's life, once a day, once a month or once in a while a year, expectations are related to illusions and what we expect from one period of time to another; when expectations are not met as goals or objectives, we can feel depressed, frustrated or even burdened with a feeling of sadness that is simply indescribable.

What is Ephemeral Happiness and Its Contrast with True Happiness
Ephemeral happiness is the happiness that many people obtain from material things that in some way or another provide happiness that is not permanent and is considered “ephemeral happiness” because it is fleeting and not long term.

All expectations are simply personal beliefs about what we think may or may not happen in the future, with some possibility, they are events that may occur over time or simply may not happen, all depending on how things flow.

Expectations can be assumptions about the future, even anticipations that are based on our own goals and objectives; each expectation can develop into "progress" from a complex determination of what we relate to success and self-improvement.

Staines-upon-Thames is a town on the left bank of the River Thames in Surrey, England, in the borough of Spelthorne. At or near the Roman settlement of Pontibus, it became Stanes and then Staines

All expectations vary from experiences or desires that want to be fulfilled, they can be produced due to something we have longed for or something ephemeral, they can be illusions or simply passing things that disappear with the passage of time.

What role do Expectations play in our lives?


Expectations have the function of preparing us for the future and the actions of the future.

In short, action.

If us, as human beings, don't take time to prepare ourselves or psychologically anticipate to what may happen in the future, we may not even have a plan for what we want to achieve, objectifying key points such as:

  • goals
  • dreams
  • objectives
If we are not certain what we will do in the future, expectations will appear, which are in charge of preparing us mentally for our future.
Overcoming adversities and obstacles in life
Overcoming difficult moments and obstacles in life requires a greater mental and psychological effort to achieve peace and emotional stability.

Even, most of our ideas, goals and dreams are not based exclusively on any kind of data that can truly be specific and objective, in relation to this, we know that we can't always have certainty of what we want to do or achieve in the future, but we can have a plan that approaches or assimilates to our goals.

Expectations can be the result of a "plan" that resembles what we want to achieve or carry out as a consequence of our ideas.

Behind each person, hides a thought, a confidence, and simply a big or small list of expectations that is automatically related to the ideas that have to do with the goals that we want to achieve or fulfill in the future, or also in short or medium terms.

It could be said that, expectations are some type of inner compass within each person, and this is because they can guide us or even represent a whole plan at a personal level related to what we would love to achieve or fulfill in the future.

Going beyond what we want to achieve means knowing what we want to aim as an objective, in general terms, the security with which we want to achieve things beyond the limits and goals we have set for ourselves just means we are sure and with enough confidence to decide what our plan is going to be and how we'll handle our expectations.

In conclusion, expectations can become inner and personal problems that can trigger frustration, hopelessness, sadness and depression, in some cases inexplicable feelings for people who fail to meet their objectives and goals, they consider that the expectations were too great and they simply did not get what they wanted.

This occurs when the expectations that people have as goals or dreams, become expectations or hopes that are unrealistic for what can be achieved or fulfilled.

happy moment

In the story of life, each person is completely responsible for writing their own script, unfulfilled expectations are what can hurt people, created by unrealistic thoughts or the product of unfulfilled or failed goals.

The human mind can draw its own conclusions making you feel sad and generating resentment, in other words the difference between what you think should happen and what actually happens is what causes sadness or disappointment.