Bangladesh is eons ahead of any other Country on Social Media. They promote brotherhood and camaraderie, the best part about that is girls think, "Wow look at all these hot boys on social media, what could they possibly be doing?"

And Bangladesh has 163 million human beings in 2019, probably about 170million in 2021.

Land mass total: 148,460 sq km land: 130,170 sq km water: comparative (slightly larger than Pennsylvania and New Jersey combined; slightly smaller than Iowa)

I noticed in the first days of Social Media in America this was not the case. Families were frightened to connect their family to the internet. It was not a melting pot. It was a sad state of rich neighborhoods which had it first and then poorer neighborhoods.

In my opinion the Great Wall of India and their current construction needs to be destroyed , I will fund infrastructure in case of a disaster in Bangladesh Wet lands. So far they have been pretty fine during all this 'climate change' and I have huge goals for Bangladesh, Pakistan, and all under represented markets.

In history Migrants from Bangladesh moved out of their loved land and settled in India. India built a wall, and that is slightly poppycock. Although they most likely had reasons such as flood of opium from that region. You can see a similar problem in Americas, although that is sourced from Violence and lack of opportunity via Banking Cartels and Narco States. We live in a colossally divided world even more so since the discovery of our planet by Human Aliens. I will be leading the change back to peace, science, respect, and family values.

History must be viewed from every perspective and I consider myself very lucky to have catalyzed a group of authors and to be raised by a strong family.

Much more is planned for Utopia Educators, and UtEd.

The SuperHuman invention I speak of in my other posts has the ability to create more camaraderie, increased libido, better nerves, more connected neurons.

I will have the ability to invest in Earth tremendously. On the scale of Trillions of Dollars. I am not joking, I was recruited by Human Aliens and was successful in achieving the male female electromagnetic bond. Go peep my other posts if you want to know the full story from my perspective.

When I speak of Frustration with the Space Company, my invention's profits will be invested, and that has been delayed by 11 years due to decisions made by 'smarter' extra terrestrials which are Sentient. This has caused my friends to die, reduced my reputation among my friends, and that is why I speak of starting my own Company outside of this Internet Website. It will have a market cap beyond anything imaginable on Earth.

I am not joking,Utopia Educators (Media, Education adapting to every advancement)

Super (Marriage Bond and Healthcare for managing the electromagnetic bond)

I love America, but our values have been riddled away with nonsense propagated from ill funded media outlets. For example, so many freedom loving, sound money educating, independent media outlets were purged from Platforms in a Nazi like fashion. Something is wrong here on Earth and I know what it is.

Have a good day! Rock on Earth!