For a long time there has been competition either in video games brands ideas music tastes etc., starting with smartphones since the beginning of the popularity among these devices there has always been rivalry and competition between brands and companies that have been tirelessly dedicated to eliminate competition by bringing out and innovating better products or decent quality.

Currently, there is a tireless rivalry between Android users and Apple users who fight both in social networks and in real life, Android users claim that this brand is quite good, effective and simple, because despite having advantages at the time of freedom for its users by letting them install any type of applications from Google and external sources, it is totally different from the Apple company that has a system of maximum security, with protocols that provide greater comfort and certainty that no virus will enter their devices.

This endless battle arises due to the unknown about which company is better and therefore which phones are worth to be bought and to be used by the public that sometimes is recent in relation to an operating system, a good camera and other functions that play an important role as a device is used for different means: work, study or personal life.

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The camera is one of the main features why many people have switched from the android operating system to iOS.

For a long time there has been competition between Android and Apple as there are users who prefer Apple for its good cameras and the speed with which their smartphones flow and other people claim that Android is much better than Apple in many aspects such as processors in the camera and the fluidity of their devices, but if we can be sure of something is that in this battle there may not be a winning company as there will always be a rivalry to define which one is better than the other.

If we start talking about Apple most people consider that this is a very known brand because it offers a wide variety of cameras that are responsible for capturing the clarity and accuracy of the details in a photo at a great pixel level, also the Apple public says that this is a very striking brand when we look for a phone to work or to study because the fluidity of its processors make the tasks that unfold in a context as  "appropriate" to a labor or educational field, so basically, most of the hard tasks are much easier to do or carry.

Contrary to the apple public, the Android public considers that Apple devices are bad in the long run since having a battery life not so useful determines that this is a point that is not considerably in favor of them at the time of being a respective context in a labor or educational field, giving to understand that between both companies there isn't a winner, because they both have different characteristics evaluated on which one is better.

Rivalries between both devices have always existed throughout the years, and there have also been people who tirelessly defend both the Android operating system and the Apple operating system, many who support Android claim that simply using the Apple operating system is a bad choice and that this brand does not represent any kind of quality in the long term, giving as an example the function that iPhones have to tell their users what is the life and the state in which their batteries are inside their phones, something that Android does not have.

It is because of the speed of iOS that many people consider Apple to be a good choice for people who are simply looking for efficiency, speed and success in their personal projects.

Contrary to all this, Apple users consider that Android people have old-fashioned and quite outdated emojis, they also consider that although they have thicker batteries, bigger or fatter, which facilitate the durable, long and quality life of their cell phones, the iOS Apple operating system camera has always been superior since previous years, This is because the developers and creators of Apple cameras have always focused on the quality and clarity they want to project in their images, something that has shocked many and has given what to talk about over the years, if something many people are absolutely sure is that the camera of the iPhones is quite good and reflects a photo very close to reality or in short, very identical to what is seen by the human eye.

If we talk specifically about Apple, there is an update in their new versions that have a greater hardware integration with an absolute integration and a very large maintenance and update level.

If we compare two totally different operating systems, it would be an endless debate in which thousands of points would be compared such as which one is better in camera, speed, quality, etc.

All Colors of the iPhone 11 Pro
The evolution of smartphones today is nothing compared to what you would know as a "smart device" in the past. Technology is advancing with each passing day.

Although there is a debate to decide whether Android or Apple is a good operating system, many people have stated that the Iphone not only has a good camera but is a very good quality operating system at the time of software, which makes the hardware a good value, which means that iPhones run well and don't lag or get slow as many people who have shared experiences of similar Androids when opening many applications, they confirm that an Android is even able to oversaturate.

The iOS software has been compared to a small computer, which means that the mobile goes on a smooth, clean, smooth and clear system, which makes iOS users fascinated by the speed, camera and performance of an iPhone, or, we can confirm that people who do not have money for a laptop, prefer to invest in a good quality iPhone to carry out tasks such as designing, recording important videos, running a business, entrepreneurship, etc.