I have never been more motivated by strangers than the 2nd and 3rd recruits for this site. Their names are Shahin Alam and Naim Uddin Forhad from Bangladesh.

They, as childhood friends, compete similar to how I did with friends growing up. Healthy sapio-competition is a beautiful thing when growing in your community. I noticed their potential and didn't try to steal their friendship, I simply wanted them to be successful and continue to grow.

When there are ignorant people towards the dreams in your life, it is a waste of time. If they don't appreciate you, cut them out of your life. It's not worth begging for friendship, you can have as many friends as you want, there are 7 Billion People on Earth and most are friendly.

When I made money this year with my Savings from PeakActivity.com and Ethereum Trading I decided to spend it on this website and it was challenging at first to get strangers to interact with a website.

With the amount of scamming going on around the world, I understand that. I also understand it is rare to have someone randomly offer you an opportunity. That has happened to me and I decided to share that feeling with others.

The funny thing is, I know I'm going to be worth in the range of 100 Billion Dollars - 1 Gazillion Dollars. Knowing that I decided to finally start my own web project. It became successful solely due to the collaboration spirit I learned from Open Source Communities. I spent a lot of time nurturing our author base with Humor, happiness, and brevity, and bitcoin, or any way I could pay them so they could count on something productive and have some money during the pandemic.

The unfunny thing was, which I will never forget, and changes the way I interact with 'Decentralized Social Media'. People on Hive thought they could run our business because they have more HIVE Power than us. I did not appreciate that at all and completely abandoned and recommend people to stay away from Hive for at least a year. But, just a friendly warning, by then a Bitcoin Social Network will arise with the help of the best coders in the universe.

Everyone will love each other on the Bitcoin network especially when everyone is using it! Imagine that!

So Naim and Shahin became great friends and so did almost every Author on the author page, I won't forget anyone here! Everyone who expresses interest will be welcome on this growing platform with no discrimination other than you have to be smart or willing to be smart. Certain people will be very rich.

It's easy if you try. Above us 'only' sky. Imagine all the people, living for today, whoops, there is tomorrow. Have no fear. A brotherhood/sisterhood of Man.

Naim (CEO), Shahin (COO), and I (Founder) will run this operation for eternity with our families spreading cutting edge knowledge. I hope this clears the air especially those who are trying to hack, malign, and hate us.

Have a great night, morning, whatever 'time zone'.

I love you all, thank you, have a good day.