Activ Financial is the best market data provider in the World. They are ethical, hard working people who developed a proprietary infrastructure to process Market Data Feeds and their Flagship feature is feed which can theoretically contain every tick if your environment supports it.

They call it ActivFeed

Activ Financial is a leader when it comes to uptime, failover, and stability which are essential for any live trader or institution.

I will be supplying Networking Equipment to Earth and will be rewarding my former employer with the First Access to Universe Market data working with James Bomer as director.

The networking equipment will get Activ Servers and ActivFeed to as close to 0ms as possible as computers improve and I supply cosmic spectrum CPUs which can operate as fast as the human nervous system, 0ms.

I never felt more respect than at Activ Financial, and it was an honor to work for such a professional and respected firm when I was 25.

Activ, stand by.

James Bomer and Mike Dunne will be helping to design the new iteration of the FPGA Market Data Hardware and Cosmic Chips. Thanks for putting your faith in the Chicago office, sorry I couldn't stay longer.

Traders, get familiar with the Activ API. They were just starting to provide access to a Fortune 500 Asset Management firm and I had to leave due to focus on my own company and growth.