Holding for eternity and will only sell into those early supporters who disagreed with the management of the invention and wanted me to have a Platonic girlfriend during the growth process.

I have lost 5 teeth while dealing with these 'Businessmen' in Space. Not one penny will be distributed to the previous company where R&D was performed.

In 30 years upon this post publishing I will revisit and invest into the 'Space Company'.

For now, the good news is, a good man has 100% ownership of an invention with immense profit margins, coupled with a love of sound money, will create a Utopian Earth.

For more information on Utopian Society: https://lewrockwell.com

Failure of Space Company - Birth of Super
This is a first hand account of the challenges faced by myself during anInvention I was used for which is Universe Changing. I was recruited in 2010 due to anomalies in my brain, education, and businessethics. For the last 10 years I have been growing a CIA Bitch Electro-Magnetically withmy inv…